My 23rd Birthday…

Today is my 23rd birthday… I feel old and young at the same time, lol. I got so much today though! I took today off from work as a “mental health day”, so I still get paid for my shift, even though I didn’t have to go in! I got to sleep in, then spent the morning with my wonderful husband, then went out for lunch and shopping with my husband and my youngest sister. I didn’t really get anything at the mall other than presents for other people, but it was just fun to go out and look around. I got some amazing presents! My amazing husband got me an iPod touch and this stuffed owl that I’ve wanted since we saw it on our honeymoon. My parents got me a Coach purse and a lot of clothes, which I desperately needed.  My sisters got me a new set of pillows for my bedroom, some books, and some decorative things for the apartment.

I’m also going shopping with my Mom tomorrow. I love just spending the day in town with my Mom. I can’t wait to move back to Thorndale so that I can do it on a regular basis! I’m also going out to dinner with some friends. I’m super-excited to see my best friend Leanne, who I haven’t seen since my wedding. We’ve both been super-busy lately and I’m ridiculously excited to see her!!!

In addition to it being my birthday, I was also notified today that I’ve been promoted at work! I am now officially a supervisor!!  This means a pay increase, that I now have to be on-call at all times for one week out of six (and I get paid for a minimum of 7 hours even if no one calls me about anything), and that I have to do “supervision meetings” every 4 to 6 weeks with some employees that I now need to keep tabs on (based on their performance). I’m kind of excited about it, but I’m also nervous, lol. I got some advice from my old supervisor about it though and she’s been super-supportive! 🙂

As I mentioned earlier, 23 seems both young and old to me… It’s kind of sad because I know that I will never again be 22 years old. I feel young because, let’s face it, I am only 23 years old, but I feel old because there are other people who seem to be so much further along in their lives. I would love to already own a house and be starting a family. I also feel young though because I’ve advanced so far at work in such a short time. I started as full-time last November (where I worked a 5-week rotation which included days, evenings, weekends, and overnights), was promoted in July to full-time weekdays, and now I’ve been promoted to a supervisor.  I really wish that my company would open another location near London. That would be the ultimate thing for me right now. 

Anyways, I’m going to spend the last little bit of my birthday with my wonderful husband. I love you sweetheart!


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