Hallowe’en has never been a huge part of my life. It’s definitely one of Tyler’s favourite “holidays” , but I was never very into it, even as a child.

I went trick-or-treating every year until I was 13. That was my parents’ cut off age. I was never very upset about it either. I always found it difficult to think up an original idea for a costume and I went as a witch for as many years as I can remember. I might have gone as a vampire once or something like that, but I don’t really remember any other costumes. I was never a huge fan of going out for candy either. I always felt weird going up to random people’s doors and asking for candy. I usually only ate about 10% of the candy that I received and then it would sit in a bowl on my parents’ counter until my Mom threw it out around Christmas.

I’ve never been really into watching scary movies either. My younger sister was always into them and I would only ever watch them with her if she was scared. Even then, I often had difficulty sleeping that night. A lot of people think that scary movies are a staple of Hallowe’en, and I will admit to watching “Hocus Pocus” every year for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never quite caught onto this trend. Now that I work in a treatment centre for teenage girls, I find myself watching more scary movies that I care for, but unfortunately, they cannot be left alone.

I’ve always wondered if it’s more fun for parents who have little kids. Is this the case for parents? I don’t think that my parents ever really enjoyed taking us out, but my Mom never really seemed into Hallowe’en and my Dad always worked on Hallowe’en.

I think that Tyler will really enjoy it, but he always had amazing costumes as a kid. I think that we’ll be one of those couples who decorate our house like crazy for Hallowe’en. No ridiculously terrifying elements, but definitely jack-0-lanterns, cobwebs, spiders, ghosts, etc.

Does anyone have any Hallowe’en traditions that they’d like to share? A yearly Hallowe’en party? A family tradition? A decorating tradition?



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