I know Christmas is still a month and a half away, but I’m super-excited about it, so I figured I would write about it.

I LOVE Christmas! It’s not the gifts or anything remotely materialistic. I just love the feeling in the air. I love Christmas music and wrapping gifts and the smell of cinnamon. I love sitting in my parents’ living room on Christmas morning opening my stocking surrounded by my family. I love having bacon and eggs before heading up to the community centre for my Dad’s side of the family’s Christmas party (he has 7 brothers and sisters who all have lots of kids). I love getting to open one gift on Christmas eve, which is ALWAYS a pair of fuzzy pajamas. My parents always spoil all of us and get us ridiculous amounts of presents. In fact, the only even close to bad thing about Christmas is trying to find space for all the things that we get!

I’m also very excited about future Christmases. I’ve always been a big fan of Christmas and I can’t wait until I have to buy toys for my kids. Tyler and I LOVE shopping at Toys R Us and I’m excited to get to do that every year. I really want to be one of those Moms who make a big deal of Christmas. I love decorating our apartment and I’m excited to have a house so that I can decorate even more.

Another thing I love about Christmas, and this may make me seem like an old woman, is the Christmas craft shows. I always go to this huge one in Lucan with my Mom and I just love looking around. I usually only buy little things like winter-y earrings or little gifts for Tyler’s Mom for Christmas, but it’s still a nice tradition that I have with my Mom. Speaking of which, my Mom is coming to visit me tomorrow and we’re going to a Christmas craft sale. It’s not the huge one we usually go to, but it’ll still be nice to look around. I’ve never been to this one before, so I hope that it’s nice. I’m also going Christmas shopping with Tyler and my parents tomorrow. I LOVE Christmas shopping. I really wanted to go next weekend, but I like shopping when the decorations are up and the music is playing, and since last Saturday was Hallowe’en, I didn’t think that would be the case at the mall.

I’m also excited to spend 5 days at home in Thorndale. I haven’t gotten to spend that much time there for quite a while. Actually, it was probably before I moved to Guelph.¬† It’s been THAT long! Yikes!

Anyways, I’m going to head to bed to rest up for tomorrow’s shopping excursion! Here’s hoping I find some good gifts!


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