Our Wedding…

Since today is mine and Tyler’s two month wedding anniversary, I thought it was about time I posted about the wedding. We got married on September 12th, 2009 in Thorndale, Ontario. We had our ceremony at the same church that my parents got married in in 1982. We even had our reception in the same building, lol. There’s not exactly a lot of places in which to get married in that area, but Tyler and I loved everything that we had. The church was this beautiful light blue and had amazing stained glass windows. The reception hall, while slightly outdated, looked amazing when we finally had all of the lights up and all of the tables set.

My two beautiful sisters, Rachel and Kelly, were my maid of honour and my bridesmaid. Tyler’s brother Adam was also his best man. Also standing up with us included my best friend Leanne and Tyler’s two best friends Neal and Andrew. Everything turned out almost perfectly. We had a minor mishap while getting our hair done (the appointments took more than double the time we were told and then we were late for the make-up appointments), and the liquor license suddenly disappeared right before the reception (Thank God for my Mom!), but that was about it. We did have our share of drunk friends and relatives, but that just kind of made it more fun. I’m still giving my Uncle Jim the same “I’m watching you” look that he was doing the entire night and it will be an interesting story for years to come. There were no family fights, which I was kind of worried about as there are some issues between my Aunt and my Grandma, but everyone was wonderful. Tyler’s parents seemed to have a great time and their speech was wonderful. My Dad’s very “off-the-cuff” speech made everyone laugh, and my sister’s speech made everyone cry. I think that the best part about the wedding, other than marrying my wonderful husband of course, was getting to see everyone. We met up with relatives we hadn’t seen in years and saw friends that we’d been too busy to get together with because we were working and planning the wedding. It was a wonderful day! I’m sure that there will be even more wedding posts in the future as I’m sure that I haven’t remembered every single detail. I’ve included some pictures below. Enjoy! 🙂

The Wedding Party

Our Wedding Party: Neal, Adam, Drew, Tyler, Me, Kelly, Rachel, and Leanne.

Tyler and his groomsmen

Tyler and his groomsmen.

Walking Down The Aisle

My Dad walking me down the aisle.

Cutting the Cake

Tyler and I cutting the cake.

My Groom

My handsome groom.

Kelly and Adam

Our Maid of Honour and Best Man.

My Bouquet

My Bouquet with my necklace from Tyler.

My Family

My family: Chris, Kelly, my Dad, my Mom, Me, Tyler, Rachel, and Andrew.

Sarah and Tyler

My groom and I.


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