I’ve been on somewhat of an organizing kick lately. Most of it has taken place at work, but it’s started to spill over into our place. I just finished re-organizing our entire linen closet. It wasn’t horrible in terms of how bad linen closets can get, but I did manage to throw out a ton of stuff. Our wrapping paper was literally getting squished beyond use and I ended up having to throw out several rolls. It looks SO much better now though. I now plan on re-doing all of our closets and the majority of our apartment. We have so much stuff that we will never use. I’ve started a list of all the things that I want to do around here and my goal is to have it done by Christmas.

I can’t wait until we get a bigger place though. I have so many ideas that I would love to put into use. I’ve included some pictures of what I hope to do to our future house. Is it weird that I’m super-excited to organize and decorate?

I really like how many drawers there are in this closet set. I also love how big it is! My closet in our apartment is less than half of that size! I’m so jealous!

I’m not a huge fan of the colours in this picture, but I love the bookcase. It’s super-organized and still manages to showcase everything.

I like the colour of the walls and the way that the pictures are displayed. The bookcase is also nice. I like the white couch, but I know that we’ll never be able to get one. I’m just too clumsy and white does not go with kids, lol.

I really like the bookcase in the background. I love the contrast that the pink gives to all of the white and black. If only I could talk Tyler into getting some pink furniture, lol.

I love how white everything is, if that makes sense. I really don’t like the rug or the colour of the walls, but I LOVE all the shelves and drawers. My desk has TWO shelves, which are crammed full of office supplies, and ONE cupboard, which has my CPU tower in it. I would LOVE to get a new office set, but unfortunately that will have to wait until we get more space.

I really like all of the green in this photo. Everything is super-organized, but still looks beautiful and functional.

I really should plan a trip to IKEA soon. Maybe sometime after Christmas! 🙂


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