Christmas Survey…

I think another Christmas post is long overdue! I LOVE Christmas. We’ve finally got our lights up on our balcony.  Tyler also bought me a tree!!! We haven’t had one as a couple before because we don’t have a ton of space in the apartment, but Tyler cleared a space and bought me a tree. It’s beautiful!

I’m also almost done my Christmas shopping. I have to get something for two people at work and then just something for Tyler’s Dad. We were going to try to get him a paypal gift certificate, but apparently they don’t do that. His Dad has been doing a lot of online shopping and we thought it would be a good gift.

I still have a TON of wrapping to do though. I just don’t seem to have enough time to get everything done lately. I’ve been SUPER tired and by the time I get home from work, I’m not really in the Christmas mood. Maybe this weekend I’ll put a Christmas movie on and get some serious wrapping done.

Anyways, I thought I’d include a picture of our Christmas tree and complete a Christmas survey that I found on that was completed by Lauren. Thanks for the idea!

Our Christmas tree! There’s only 5 gifts under there right now, but I’ll take another picture when I finally do my wrapping. You won’t be able to see the floor anymore!

The Christmas Survey!

1)Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot chocolate for sure! I don’t think I’ve ever had egg nog, but the name itself doesn’t make it sound very appetizing.
2)Does Santa Wrap Presents or Just Sit Them Under The Tree? He ALWAYS wraps! That’s half the fun! 🙂
3)Colored Lights or White Lights? Coloured. I think that they’re more fun!

4)Do you hang Mistletoe? We don’t have any mistletoe hung in the apartment, but my parents always hang some in between their living room and kitchen.
5)When Do You Put Your Christmas Decorations Up? As early as possible! We had our tree up on December 6th and our lights up around November 25th. My parents never used to put their tree up until the 15th or so, so I’m going to milk it as long as I can now that we have our own.
6) What is Your Favorite Holiday Dish? Turkey and mashed potatoes! I don’t even really eat that much turkey. I just like it because I don’t get to eat it that often.

7) Favorite Holiday Memory as a Child? Getting up SUPER early and opening gifts with my family. Oh, and watching “A Christmas Story” several times throughout the holidays, lol.

8)When and How Did You Learn The Truth About Santa? No one ever told me that there wasn’t a Santa. I just kind of figured it out as the years went by.

9) Do You Open a Gift on Christmas Eve? Almost every year. My parents always got to choose which present we opened though, so I always got new pajamas or something like that. Tyler actually made a request that he get to open a gift on Christmas eve because he wants to wear the pajama pants that I bought him for Christmas on Christmas morning.

10)How Do You Decorate Your Christmas Tree? At my parents, my Dad always put on the lights and my Mom did the garland, then all the kids got to put on their own individual ornaments. At our house this year, Tyler did the lights and the garland. Then we both did the ornaments. We did put the tree up together though.

11)Snow! Love it or Dread it? It depends. I love LOOKING at the snow on Christmas day, but I HATE driving in it. Today was a particularly bad day for driving in it. It still looked beautiful though!

12)Can You Ice Skate? I can skate, I just can’t stop very well, lol.

13)Do You Remember Your Favorite Gift? Hmmm… I typically have one favourite gift per year. I don’t know what my favourite gift EVER was though.

14)What’s The Most Important Thing About The Holidays For You? Seeing my family. I love being able to go home for a few days and just spend time with my entire family. Hopefully by next year the family will have more husbands and possibly a baby (or at least a baby in the works)! 🙂

15)What is Your Favorite Holiday Dessert? Cheesecake and Banana Muffins a la Grandma Sharon!

16)What is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition? Getting up as early as possible and snuggling with my Mom while she drinks her tea while we wait for my Dad to get his butt out of bed.

17) What Tops Your tree? At our place, it’s a silver, glittery star. At my parents, it’s a beautiful gold angel.

18) Which Do You Prefer: Giving or Receiving? Giving. Definitely. I love receiving gifts too, but I LOVE the look on people’s faces when they open a gift that they really want.

19)What is Your Favorite Christmas Song? “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”…. I love the version done by Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel!

20)Candy Canes…good or bad? Delicious! 🙂

21)Favorite Christmas Show? It’s a tie between “A Christmas Story” and “Elf.”

22) Saddest Christmas Song? Silent Night.



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