2010… The Year of Change???

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about some potentially huge changes in my life. Tyler will be done school this year, hopefully in about 2 months. It will be very weird to not come home and see him right away every day. In a way though, I’m kind of excited to actually have someone to get ready with in the morning. I hate having to watch TV in the morning because it’s just too quiet not to. Have I mentioned before that I’m not one of those people that likes being alone? In fact, I dread it. Don’t get me wrong, I like privacy as much as the next person, but I really hate knowing that I’m the only person in a place, be it my apartment, my parents’ house, or wherever. Anyways, that’s not the point… Tyler will start working full-time and I will no longer be the one bringing home the bacon… It’ll definitely be nice to have dual-income again! And he’ll be making even more because my brilliant hubby will have his Masters’ degree in Computer Science. I really hope that he gets a job in the vicinity of London.

Every time I go home to visit my family, I have the overwhelming urge to move back there. I would even move back to my parents’ house if we had to.  I just have this overwhelming urge to be close to my family and I’m sure that this will only get worse when Tyler and I decide to start a family. That being said, we both need to find jobs in the area. I’m currently working on my resume for a position with the Thames Valley District School Board as a counsellor of sorts. I’m super nervous about it, but also super excited at the same time. This position is right up my alley. It sounds amazing and I REALLY want it.

I’m really hoping that 2010 will be a year of change. I would love for Tyler and I to both get amazing jobs near London and for us to buy a house. We’re thinking something in a small town, but there’s not really much for sale in my hometown. There’s one house for an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money and one that is just way too small for our needs. We might have to settle for a house in one of the neighbouring towns instead, which is definitely better than being an hour and a half away from home.

Anyways, that’s enough dreaming for now. Hopefully in a year from now I can write one of those “year in review” posts and say that we both got great jobs and found an amazing house! Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “2010… The Year of Change???

  1. I feel like we are totally in the same boat in sooo many ways regarding living situations – recently married, renting, living a bit too far from home for our liking, and so on! I find it hard sometimes to just live in the moment and enjoy what I have.

  2. I think that we are definitely in the same boat! I have a great job in Guelph, but I just want more, you know? I want to be less than an hour away from my family and I want a job that I can picture myself in for a long time! Hopefully one of these jobs I’m applying for will pay off. Congrats on getting the teaching job in Toronto!!

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