Recent Dreams…

So I keep having weird dreams… like CRAZY weird dreams. Many of them involve co-workers and the girls I work with, but most of them involve my family.

I had one about two weeks ago where the apartment building next to ours was burning down. And we rented a room in that building that Tyler kept all of his stuff in. Actually, it was more like Tyler and I didn’t live together, but we were still together. Anyways, we’re standing here in my apartment watching the fire start in Tyler’s apartment. Then we watch it spread to the rest of the floor and then to the whole building. We don’t call the fire department. We just watch it burn. Then we watch the building start to crumble and then it completely flips upside down. Then we go to sleep (by we, I mean my Mom and I). In the morning, Tyler is there and says that we should go see if everything is wrecked in his apartment. I’m thinking “Of course it is! The building flipped UPSIDE DOWN!” But of course, we go over there and, although there was a fire, it just looks like the place was gutted. The floor is still there. The walls are mostly just rebar, but still. We even manage to salvage some stuff. Then we start talking about our insurance and what needs to be replaced. This is where I wake up. This dream freaked me out beyond belief. It’s not even that I’m afraid of fire, because I’m not particularly. I’ve never really had a fear of it.

Another dream I keep having involves me being pregnant. I have these ALL the time. What makes this even weirder is that my co-workers are having dreams that I’m pregnant. I think that I’m having these dreams because kids are on my mind so often lately. I’m waiting for the day when Tyler and I can start trying for a baby.

Other than that, I’m just having weird dreams that I can’t really remember, but I wake up feeling scared because weird things were happening (i.e., I had one where I was surrounded by people from Cirque de Soleil and they were dancing around me and it was kind of freaky). I’ve also recently had several nightmares. I rarely remember what they were about when I wake up, but I always wake up with a start and, according to Tyler, I occasionally make noises in my sleep like I’m groaning or something.

All of this has resulted in a very tired Sarah lately. I rarely wake up feeling completely rested.

So, what do you think? Any dream analysis experts out there?


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