Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time lately to be updating my blog. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy and a lot of things have been coming up.

I had an interview last week with a company in London. So far, I haven’t gotten any callbacks for a second interview, but they’re going to continue calling people over the next few days. I would really LOVE to get another job. I just want to be near my family again.

Another major update is that I’ve finally been able to keep a diet going for more than a few days. I’m officially down 12lbs as of yesterday morning and I’ve only been at it seriously for about a month. My body is getting used to my new diet too. I’ve been eating SUPER healthy lately (i.e., while I’m at work, I only get to eat fruits and veggies) and when I did finally reward myself with a cheeseburger one night, I had THE WORST STOMACH ACHE EVER. I guess my body wasn’t used to having to process a large amount of grease and it wanted it out of my stomach. In a way, I suppose it’s a good thing, but I also used to really like food like that, lol. I must admit that watching the Biggest Loser has also been a huge motivator for me. I typically do my workouts (1000 calories daily on a bike) while watching the show. It’s very inspiring for me and it’s also kind of a kick in the ass when I’m slacking (i.e., if someone on the show can keep going and they weigh TWICE what you weigh, what is your lazy butt doing?). I’m really hoping that my success in this area continues. My overall goal is to lose about 70lbs. I know that it seems like a lot, but I’m not giving myself any definite timeline. I’m just going to keep going until I reach it. Being 12lbs down means that I’m 17% done, which isn’t bad for about a month. Wish me luck in this area!

There have also been some family updates lately. We had my sister’s bridal shower on April 17 and it went very well.

Another family update involves that my youngest sister got engaged two weeks ago. It seems that there’s a age 22 marriage thing in my family. I got married last September at 22, my sister Rachel is getting married June 5th at 22, and my youngest sister is looking at dates in August of 2012, when she’ll be 22. A lot of people think it’s weird that we all got engaged and will all be married fairly young, but we’ve watched my parents amazing marriage since we were born and they’ve taught us so much about love. My Dad was never the type to try to overrule anything my mother did and it was always a complete partnership. My Dad was the one who adjusted his schedule at work after we were born because he knew that my Mom really wanted to continue her career. He worked 4-12 every day for more than 7 years, just so that he could get us to school, take us home for lunch everyday, and get us home from school.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that we all know what love looks like and we’ve all always been serial monogamists – even as teenagers, none of us were looking for flings or anything short-term. We all wanted to fall in love and spend our lives with someone. I’ve posted a picture of my sister’s ring below. It’s rose gold which looks really weird on me, but it looks beautiful on my sister since she’s so pale and her hair is so vibrant.

I also feel obliged to mention my wonderful husband now that I’ve been writing about love and marriage. Tyler is still the amazingly wonderful man that I married over 7 months ago now. I love him more than I thought it was ever possible to love another person. He’s working full-time at the University right now and is working to finish up his Masters degree. It’s so nice to have dual-income again! My van had a few hiccups this week and we were able to get everything fixed (for almost $800!) without having to really worry about where the money was going to come from. YAY!

Anyways, enjoy the pictures below. I’ll try to update again at some point this week!

The Phillips Girls with Baby Emma

The Cake

Opening gifts with her nephew and co-worker’s son

My beautiful sisters – Rachel and Kelly

Kelly’s Engagement Ring


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