I got the job!!!!

I guess the title says it all… I got the job in London! The only reason that I’m not jumping up and down like a crazy woman right now is that it’s only part-time. It kind of works out for the better though. The plan is for me to commute to London when I work there until Tyler is done his thesis, which will probably be about another month and a bit. My goal is to be back in the London area by July 1st. Apparently full-time opportunities come up all the time at my new company and it won’t be hard to move up. As of right now, the plan is for me to work my scheduled shifts in London and then pick up shifts at my old job. It should actually work pretty well as it’ll give me more hours and it will give me more of a transition time with the girls I’m currently working with. I’m trying to figure out how to tell my boss that I have a new job, but that I’d like to work as much of my old hours as possible. My new job can’t send me a schedule until I have a few things done though. I’m not sure exactly what I need to do yet, but they should be e-mailing me the list any minute now. In a way, I’m absolutely ecstatic because I’ve been trying to get a job for so long, but in another way, I’m kind of sad because I’ve been at Avalon for so long. I’m really eager to get back to the London area though so that I can spend more time with my family. I’m really hoping that this summer will bring about some big changes. Hopefully Tyler will finish his thesis soon and we can both get full-time jobs in the London area. From there, I want to buy a house. I’m so sick of living in an apartment. I want to have a yard and my own space to put things. Tyler and I cramming all of our belongings into one tiny bedroom is just not working. It stresses me out way more than it needs to. I would love to have a real closet too! I currently have the tiniest, rinky-dink closet EVER and it barely holds any of my clothes.

I must admit that I’m kind of worried about how the next few months will go.  Once Tyler’s done his thesis, we may move in with my parents for a bit. I don’t know though. Ideally, we’d like to get our own place, but we don’t want to have a one-year rent agreement because I don’t want to be in another small apartment for that long. Maybe we could find a decent one in London though for us to live in until we figure things out. There’s a chance that I may get a relief position with my new company as well, so that might tied us over until I get in full-time. I’m also not against finding a part-time job somewhere else. I actually really like variety and doing different things.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Now I just have to figure out how to tell my bosses what I want to do. Hopefully they’ll let me keep as many of my 8-4s as I can!


2 thoughts on “I got the job!!!!

  1. Congrats Sarah!
    I’ve been job searching in London for nearly 2 months straight. It’s tough! I stupidly let one opportunity escape because of a possibility for something that paid twice as much and was much more suited for me and where I want to go with my career. It was down to two candidates and I didn’t get it 😦
    I hope everything falls into place for you and Tyler!

  2. Thanks Erica!
    I’ve been searching for quite a while, but was having trouble finding something that I really wanted to do. I’ve finally gotten a job though and you will too. It just takes time and patience (neither of which I have, lol). I’m trying to arrange to stay at my current job as much as possible, while still working part-time for the new company. All these possibilities are stressing me out though! I just wish I could fast-forward through the next two months and see where we are so I would know what decisions to make!

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