A Lucky Day…

So far, today has been a very lucky day! I was feeling a little bit down this morning and had to really make myself get my day going. It’s really hard for me to let Tyler go to work when I know that I’ll just be sitting at home all day while he’s working. I made myself get in the shower though and then I said a little prayer and asked God to give everyone that I love a little good luck today. It seems to have worked because I had really good luck today! Within half an hour of making that little wish, I got a call from another division in my new company asking me to come for an interview next week. They didn’t mention what position it was for, but there’s a part-time and full-time available. Shortly after that, I found a job posting for an AMAZING job that I would love to get, but it closed today, so I worked like crazy and got my resume all jazzed up for it and sent it in. I then went to meet Tyler for lunch and headed to the mall. I decided to get Tyler a little thank you gift for being so great throughout all these work changes and as I was going to pick something out, I found a $10 bill on the ground! Then I went to pick up my vacation pay that my work forgot to give me last month when I took time off for my sister’s wedding and I was positive that they were just going to give me the amount that I requested (enough to just cover the week off I took) and then I found that they paid me all of my vacation pay, so I don’t have to wait until July to get it!  Overall, it has been a very lucky day! Now if I could just have one day like this every once in a while, I might not get so down about things in the first place. Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed that I feel like nothing is ever going my way. Today was definitely a MY WAY kind of day though. 🙂


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