We are in the process of moving everything to our temporary home until we find a house that we both love. Everything is everywhere and everything is a mess. My bedroom is torn apart and half of my furniture is in the new place, including my desk and computer. There are boxes everywhere and I keep finding new things at the apartment that we need to fix before we move (i.e., the big hole in our wall because our old bed frame was poking into it and dug a little bit more every time someone sat down on the bed). Half of my clothes are at the new place and there is currently no where to put them all. Unfortunately, it feels like I’m doing double-move duty. I’m moving everything out of the old place and then I’m sorting through old stuff at the new place to make space for the stuff from the apartment. We’re slowly moving the big things, but I feel like we’re never going to be out by August 29th. There is so much to do and I officially start my new position tomorrow. And every weekend is booked right up until moving day. Next weekend we’re camping, then we have a family day on the 14th and I work on the 15th, and then I have a baseball tournament. I will admit that I am eternally grateful to my parents though. They have already come up to Guelph once and are planning on making several more trips so that we don’t have to pay for a moving company and so that we don’t have to do everything alone at the last minute. My parents are also letting us move in until we find a house that we both like. Tyler and I have already toured quite a few houses, but haven’t seen anything that we absolutely love yet. I think that the best route for us may be to just build something in my hometown. Hopefully we can figure it out soon because I don’t know how much longer I can live in the basement. I just don’t feel like it’s “home” to me. I mean, yeah my stuff is all there and so is Tyler and my parents, but it’s not my own space. My parents have really been trying to give us the majority of the basement to convert into a mini apartment for the time being (including getting rid of some of their old furniture so that we can have our own living room, office, and bedroom). I just really want our own place in town. I want to be close to everyone while still being able to have somewhere that’s just ours at the end of the day. We’re going to REALLY try to find something as soon as Tyler is done his thesis. I can’t wait. I am so freaking excited to have somewhere to decorate and make our own. We lived in the apartment for two years, but I was of the opinion that we shouldn’t do a ridiculous amount of renovating because at the end, we’ll be forced to leave anything permanent behind. I also want more space. The apartment was big enough, but it wasn’t a “house” by any stretch of the imagination. I’m looking forward to two bathrooms and a bigger closet! Those are my main requirements, lol. I’m not too picky!

Anyways, that’s my life right now. Work and moving. I kind of like moving because I keep finding little things that I forgot I had and I’ve been trying to purge some belongings that we don’t use or that don’t fit. I’m a huge organization person and everything being everywhere is starting to drive me bonkers. I wish that I had all of August off so that I could get everything done. I feel like I’m going to run out of time! Thank God for family!

Does anyone have any packing or moving tips? Or any tips on buying a house? I’m very nervous about this and would love ANY advice!


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