Baby Fever…

I must admit that I currently have a severe case of baby fever. I am following a ton of pregnant people on twitter right now and reading all about their little pregnancy cravings, quirks, and stories is making me want to have a baby so badly that I want to scream!

Another contributing factor to my baby fever is that I’m going to be an Aunt! My sister Rachel is 19 weeks pregnant and is due on February 26th! They’re not going to find out if I’ll have a niece or a nephew, but I’m really excited for her and her husband! It seems so weird to me that she’s having a baby though. It still feels like she’s a little kid to me even though she’s 22.  It makes it a lot harder to not have baby fever when she’s constantly talking about how she’s feeling and buying maternity and baby clothes like they’re going out of style.  She has so much already and she’s buying for both sexes, lol. Oh well, hopefully there will be some free clothes in our future depending on what sex her baby is. Her baby belly is finally starting to show a little bit though. Her bump used to be so small that you couldn’t tell if she was pregnant or if she’d just gained 5-10lbs. Now you can clearly tell that she’s pregnant, even when she’s wearing a sweater. Her baby belly is really cute though and it’s desperately making me want to have one of my own.

Another thing that is not helping my baby fever is that my Mom and grandmother are constantly asking me or making little comments about me having a baby. It is so hard to not snap at them, but I’m really trying. I understand that they want grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but do they really have to put so much pressure on me about it?

I want a baby so badly, but constantly being bombarded over facebook, MSN, and by my family is just making me sad, not happy. I know that I should just ignore everything as much as I can, but it is so hard. I don’t want to discourage people from talking to me about it because I’ll want their support when I am finally pregnant, but I cry pretty much everyday that something like this happens and I don’t know what to do.  I guess only time will tell… Sigh…


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