House Hunting…

Tyler and I have been spending a lot of time house hunting lately. We’ve toured several properties and visited quite a few open houses. We’ve seen quite a few things that we like, but no HOMES that we like. Most houses have something that we absolutely love and something that we absolutely hate. Take today’s house for instance: The yard was GORGEOUS, the exterior of the house was beautiful (modern, but historical looking), it had a pool AND a hot tub, BUT the interior needed so much updating. It needed new carpets, new kitchen cupboards and cabinets, new appliances, new paint, TWO stair railings, some dry walling to get rid of the paneling in the basement and some new windows. It would have cost us about $20000 to $30000 just to get the house to look the way that we wanted it. We really need to find a house that fits our needs. We’ve been working on a list and I think we’ve got it just about done.

Our house must include:

  • a big basement – We’d prefer a finished basement because we’re planning on making Tyler a man cave down there. It would be okay if we found a house that we love with an unfinished basement as long as it wouldn’t require too much to at least fix up a room for Tyler.
  • TWO bathrooms – after living in Guelph in an apartment with one bathroom and three people, we found that we definitely needed a second. This one is pretty much a deal-breaker for me. Everything else would have to be PERFECT for me to agree to buy a house with only one bathroom
  • at least three bedrooms – Tyler and I would like to start a family soon and we don’t want to have to move once we have more than one kid. The house we looked at today had four bedrooms that were a good size, but the rest of the house needed so much updating that it effectively took that house off our list.
  • a decent sized yard – Tyler had a semi-small yard growing up as a kid and has always wanted to have a big yard so that our kids can play outside

We’re trying to set up some appointments to look at a few homes next week. I think that our main problem is that we have such a limited area to search in. We want to find a house in one of 3 small towns outside of London. There are only 2 houses for sale in one of them, so that really limits that area. Hopefully we’ll find something soon. I’m so tired of living in a basement while we wait to find the perfect house for us. I really hope we make a decision soon. If we decide to build, we’ll have to wait another 4 months from the date we actually buy. It doesn’t matter to me whether the house is new or old as long as it has what we want. I really hope that we figure something out by Christmas. That would be the best gift of all!

Does anyone have any tips for buying a house? Any questions we should ask?


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