I LOVE Christmas! I love everything about it! I love shopping for the perfect gift and spoiling my husband. I love decorating the tree and putting lights up on the house. I LOVE that my entire family (all 8 of us – we’re getting to be quite a large family now) all gather in the living room and open our stockings and all of our gifts together. I think that might be my favourite part. I love seeing the look on everyone’s faces as they open their gifts. I especially love when people open up surprise gifts. I got my husband some pretty good surprises this year and I can’t wait to see his face!

I can’t wait for the next few Christmases either. My sister’s baby will be a whopping 10 months by next Christmas, which will mean tons of cute baby toys and clothes under our tree. I must admit that I also got something for the baby this Christmas too, even though he or she won’t be here for at least another 2 months. Hopefully Tyler and I will also have a little bambino in the works by next Christmas too. We’re both really excited to be able to go to Toys R Us and drop hundreds of dollars on toys, lol. I think it will be a good Christmas tradition for us.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I love to spoil the people in my life. I buy my husband little treats and surprises quite often and I love doing it for my whole family. Sometimes I’ll buy something for someone and hold onto it for a while just because I know that eventually it will be something that they want.

I think one of my other favourite things about Christmas is the gifts that I get. I know that Christmas isn’t about the presents and I kind of hate people that just like Christmas for that reason, but I also like to see what other people get for me. Do they get me a book that they think I’ll like? And why do they think I’ll like it? It’s amazing to see what people think you’ll like. A friend I used to be close with in high school always got me HORRIBLE gifts. And that always made me think “Do they really know me or did they just grab this at the last minute?” I like being able to analyze the gifts that I get and try to think of the reason that people picked out that specific gift for me. I pride myself on being able to find something that my family and friends will love. Or something that they’ll need, but won’t spend the extra money to get (i.e., fun decorative things for their houses).

Anyways, I know this is a short post, but I’ve been running around like crazy at work over the past few weeks and I just now found a few minutes to complete a post. I promise to post more after Christmas when I actually have a few days off. Please enjoy a few Christmas photos from my house!

Our Christmas Tree - My Mom decorated it in a Toronto Maple Leaf theme this year!

The present mountain that's started to develop in front of the tree

The present mountain behind our tree!

My snowman!

The wreath on our door


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