Decorating and Shopping…

Now that we’ve finally found our house and everything has been closed, we can start planning what our next steps are. Which leads me to my new favourite pastime – searching through fliers, websites, kijiji, and Craigslist for items for the house. We only need a few things, but I’m determined to get good quality at a reasonable price. It also helps that we don’t officially take possession of the house until July 15th, so we have three months to get everything that we need. We negotiated to have the stove, fridge, and dishwasher included, but we need to purchase our own washer and dryer, which is okay because the previous owners had a really weird looking washer. We also needed to get a kitchen table and chairs, but we purchased a beautiful one today, so that can be crossed off our list. Those are our two big things, but we’re also looking for a new TV stand that better matches our other furniture, a new storage tower for Tyler’s video games, and potentially even a new bedroom set. We have an older one that my grandfather gave to me, and although it’s beautiful and very ornate, it’s just not really our style. It’s something that we can live with for the time being though until we decide what we want.

We’ve also pretty much got the living room designed. The room is very open concept and is separated from the kitchen by a bit of wall on each side and then has a railing that extends further between the rooms. It’s currently green, but we’re going to paint it two colours. The wall opposite the entryway to the living room and the wall opposite it are going to be chocolate brown (I’m thinking that we’ll be purchasing that new paint from Home Depot that comes with the primer in it!) and the other two walls will be a teal-y blue colour. The inspiration for that room hit us one day while we were shopping in Bouclair and it all just came together from a painting that we bought. We have a painting to go over the fireplace, some curtains, two chocolate brown sofas, four accent pillows that match the painting very well, and two teal vases that I found recently that I loved. We still need some ideas for other rooms in the house, but I think the only ones we’re going to paint right away are the living room and the master bedroom. I think that we’ll work from there and continue chipping away at the rest of the house throughout the coming months. I don’t mind the current colours of the kitchen and the hallways, but I’d like to paint them eventually. I’d also like to redo the bathrooms and the laundry room. The other two bedrooms will most likely not be touched until we have kids, which is fine for now. One of them may be made into a temporary office since we won’t have two kids to fill the bedrooms for quite some time, but we’ll see how everything else goes first.

We’re going to hit up a few other furniture stores tomorrow and we have some ideas in the works for a new TV stand and storage unit, so I may be posting again on my new decorating bug soon. We’re also going to pick up the new kitchen table tomorrow, but we’re not going to assemble it completely until we move in because it’s huge and probably wouldn’t fit through the door assembled. I LOVE our new table! It costs $1449, but we only paid $298 for it because they only had two left and, thus, couldn’t advertise it because they’d have a lot of ticked off customers, so they put it on clearance. It’s brand new and is SOLID (which also equals heavy, but that’s what I have a big strong husband and two brother-in-laws for, lol). Enjoy the pictures below!

One of the pillows that I love!

The picture that started the Living Room shopping spree!

Our new kitchen table!


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