83 Days….

Sigh… There’s still 83 days until we get our house. I’ve been oscillating between two extremes lately of DESPERATELY wanting the house now and being scared about getting the house because there are so many costs associated with it. We’ve finally got most of the shopping done for the stuff that we absolutely need to live there. We’ve got a full bedroom for ourselves, a full kitchen, a full living room, and a full laundry room. We’ve been searching the flyers for weeks for deals on a washer/dryer set and we finally found one at Teppermans today (I would strongly recommend this store – they have great prices and the sales people don’t follow you around like hound dogs). Those were really the only things that we still needed, so I’m hoping that we can start saving our money for when we move in since we will inevitably find out that we’re missing some things. We still need to get a drip tray for the washer because our laundry room is upstairs in the new house (yay for not having to carry laundry downstairs!) and we’re going to get some new hoses for the washer so that they will never burst. Other than that, we’re pretty well set. I’m excited to get in there and start decorating and creating our own home, but I’m so worried about all of the expenses. We’ve worked out a budget and everything seems to be fine, but there are always other things that will crop up. Tyler has submitted his thesis again to his review committee, so hopefully it will be approved and he can find a job soon. He’s already been looking, but he’s kind of stuck in limbo right now. I feel like my anxiety will be lessened so much once Tyler is working. It will be so nice to be a dual-income family again. Anyways, I’ve posted a picture of our washer and dryer below. I’m really excited about this because we’ve never had our own. There was no water hook-up in the apartment, so we had to use the laundry room downstairs, which sucked. They’re also front loaders and they’re nice and shiny!


2 thoughts on “83 Days….

  1. When I used to have to call Financing Companies for my job Teppermans always had the most friendly and helpful call centre staff! If only they could do something about their annoying radio commercials 😉
    Good luck with everything!!

  2. They were great! They were the only place that didn’t follow us around like hound dogs and there wasn’t nearly as much pressure as there was at the other stores.

    I will admit that their commercials are annoying, but at least they’re local!

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