New Car…

We finally found a car for Tyler! After months and months and months of searching, we finally found one! It’s perfect timing too because Tyler got a full-time job in London! He starts on Wednesday and the car will be ready tomorrow! 🙂

We were originally searching for pretty much any Honda car around $10000, but we had to expand our search when nothing nice was coming up. Then Tyler’s Dad said that we should really buy from a dealership instead of just any auto centre and that expanded our search even farther. After looking online at EVERY Honda dealership within two hours of London, we still hadn’t found anything in our price range. Then we expanded the price range and were still coming up empty. We finally decided to lease a new car and then buy it out at the end of the lease. He got a 2011 Honda Civic and we paid a little bit extra to get a sun roof and a few other added features (like some nicer hub caps that Tyler wanted). We get to pick up the car tomorrow morning! It’s so exciting that everything is finally starting to fall into place! Now if I could just get a Program Manager position with my company, I’d be SO happy!

Here are two pictures of the car and I’m sure there will be many more in the future!


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