We Are Officially Moved In!!

We have officially moved into our new house! We took possession on Friday and decided to spend the first night in it. We moved all of our stuff on Friday night and Saturday morning and now everything is here. There are boxes everywhere, but it’s starting to look like our house. We got our new furniture minus a nightstand (it was on back order STILL) and they all look amazing! I think the bedroom set is my favourite, but the couches are a close second.

We’ve got some of the kitchen stuff put away, but there’s still so much to unpack. We’ve bought paint for the living room and our bedroom, so we’re hoping to paint those in the next week and then we can finally put everything away. I’m nervous to unpack most of the clothes because they’ll make the dresser and chest SUPER heavy and I know that it’ll be a pain to take all the drawers out just to move them and paint behind them.

For now, I have a few pictures of the house when it was completely empty. I will post pictures of each room as they are painted and unpacked.


Living Room


Part of our bedroom.


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