Doggy Doan… A.K.A. Kirby!

Tyler and I got a puppy about two months ago! He’s a “Shiranian,” but no one ever knows what that is, so we say that he’s a Shih Tzu Pomeranian. He’s this little black ball of fluff with white paws, a white belly, and a white “beard” as Tyler calls it. We got him in Cambridge and he was so excited to see us, especially Tyler. He was very timid the first day he was with us, but then quickly fell back into being himself. He is extremely high energy and loves to chew on everything!! Furniture, pillows, blankets, toys, and most recently, the fridge door (I found him doing this this morning!). He’s also TERRIFIED of vacuums, steam cleaners, lawn mowers, garbage trucks, thunderstorms, fireworks, and balloons. I blew up a whole bunch of balloons for Tyler’s birthday and the dog lost it over them! He wouldn’t go near them and backed away as far as possible if you even came near him with one.

It took us a few days to come up with a name for him and after lots of consideration, we settled on “Kirby.” We looked for a scientist’s name since that how we chose our bunny’s name – Darwin (after Charles Darwin), but nothing seemed to fit him. We had lots of suggestions from friends and family, but nothing they suggested seemed to fit.

He’s a bit of a camera-phobe and really doesn’t like the video camera. He likes to lie on pillows and will lie on one for 5 seconds then jump to the next one over and over again if you lie them out for him. He will not let me make a video of this though. Whenever I get out the camera, he just lies on one pillow and stays there. I think he thinks it will hurt him or something. I’ve posted some pictures below. I wish I had more, but he won’t sit still long enough for me to take any!

Kirby! (He looks like he's missing his front leg, but he's actually just running towards the camera)


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