I have an interview today at 1:30. I’m nervous as hell. I hate doing interviews, but then again, does anyone really like doing interviews?

I just find that I get so stressed out and then there’s so much waiting afterwards to find out if you got the job. My interview is for the position I’ve been doing for the past year. I have a short-term contract right now as a Program Coordinator doing office work with my two bosses, but this position will start after that contract is done and will be permanent and in London. If I don’t get the position, I go back to Parkhill on April 1, which I DEFINITELY don’t want to do. It’s not that Parkhill wasn’t a good place to work. It’s just that it’s so far away and the hours are horrible. They’d be fine if I didn’t care about seeing my family or I wasn’t married, but for someone who has a husband who works Monday-Friday 9-5, it just doesn’t work. I worked there for about three months and was disliking it after about a month. I also felt like no one had my back out there. I’m praying that I get this position permanently and that this whole waiting game will be over.

I’m trying to come up with interview questions that I might get asked. A lot of my field involves giving examples of times when you displayed a certain trait or describe your strengths and weaknesses. I have the job description and I’m trying to compare my past duties with the new description. I can’t believe how nervous I am! My boss is one of the interviewers and that is putting me a little bit at ease, but the other interviewer is another manager that I have never met. I really wish that my Director was doing the interviews because she said that I could even use her as a reference!

I can’t wait for today at 2:30! I just want it to be over with. Then I enter the waiting game… Hopefully they get back to us early next week, but if they’re doing interviews over several days, it might be a while… Sigh… Wish me luck!


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