Christmas Already?!?!?

I can’t believe how quickly the conversion from Hallowe’en to Christmas has happened! It’s insane! Tyler and I went into a store on Tuesday and it already had all the Hallowe’en stuff down and the Christmas stuff was everywhere. Someone even told me that HMV was already playing Christmas music!

We also saw someone putting Christmas lights on their house today. Seriously? Tyler and I just took down our Hallowe’en stuff last night and putting that stuff up took forever, so I’m definitely ready for a break. I jokingly asked Tyler if we could put our stuff up and you should have seen the look on his face. It was like I had 2 heads or something.

My crazy sister already has her tree up WITH presents wrapped underneath it! Shes’s nuts! I love having my tree up as much as the next person and probably even more so because my parents never put their tree up until about December 15th when I was growing up (that was mostly because they put it in the living room and they had to move furniture to accommodate the tree and wanted the disruption to be as minimal as possible). I think that I’ll try to get our tree up around December 1st. I’m not putting up any lights or outdoor decorations though until there’s snow on the ground. I know that it’s probably easier to put them up now when there’s no snow and it won’t be slippery, but I seriously can’t even fathom putting them up right now.

I will admit that I have started my Christmas shopping. I’m one of those people that picks up a few things at a time and that way it’s not so busy around Christmas. I have a bunch of stuff for my niece, some stuff for my mom, a gift for my mother-in-law, and something for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I still have a whole bunch of stuff to get, but I’ll start getting it slowly over the next few weeks. I need to start thinking of ideas for my Dad, sisters, brother-in-laws, and father-in-law. They’re always hard to buy for.

We’re heading to Great Lakes Crossing in the states on Saturday with my family, so hopefully I can pick up a few things there. I’m getting my Mom’s birthday gift, but maybe I can find some more stuff.

When do you start your Christmas shopping and when do you put your decorations up? I think it’s still way too early, but maybe I’m wrong!


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