My Bad Ass Husband….

Today’s blog post is dedicated to my bad ass husband (that’s how he referred to himself a few nights ago). But seriously, I have THE best husband in the entire world. There is nothing that that man won’t do for me. I am dragging him to Great Lakes Crossing in the states today and plan on making him shop with me for the entire day and you know what? I haven’t heard one negative  comment and he actually seems happy to be going with me!

One other thing that he does ALL the time is get me stuff from downstairs. Once I’m upstairs, I really don’t like going back downstairs. It’s partially because I’m often very tired by the time we go upstairs (and lazy) and partially because my knee still hurts when I use the stairs from when I tore my meniscus cartilage in my knee this past summer. I am constantly forgetting my purse downstairs and I swear that Tyler goes and gets it without fail or complaint at least 3-4 times per week.

One other thing that shows how incredible he is is his ability to listen to me talk about work and other crap CONSTANTLY. I’m definitely having difficulty leaving stuff at the door and sometimes I feel bad by how much I chat his ear off about it. He never complains though and I know that I am EXTREMELY lucky to have a man like that.

And last, but not least, Tyler supports me in everything I do. Even when he knows I’m wrong. Even when I think he’s wrong. He’s just an incredible man and I hope that he knows how much I love him. He’s perfect. Here’s to many more years together babe. I love you.


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