New Glasses…

Sometimes I’m surprised by how many people don’t know how blind I am. I have had bad vision for a long time and have worn glasses or contacts for the majority of my life. I got contacts in the middle of my first year of University and now rarely wear my glasses. If I don’t wear my glasses or my contacts, I walk into walls, literally.

I’ve had the same glasses for some time now. My eyes get worse every time I go to the optometrist and this year was no exception. I chose not to get new glasses when I got a new prescription though because I rarely ever wear my glasses and my old prescription was good enough for the 30 minutes or so per day that I wear them. Now that Tyler and I have benefits though, I thought that I would spring for a new pair. I bought a groupon a few months ago for assuming that I could use it to buy contacts. Sounds logical, right? Wrong. There was some teeny tiny fine print at the bottom that said it could only be used on eyeglasses. Not contacts, not sunglasses, not accessories. Just eyeglasses. So Thursday night Tyler and I spent about an hour on their website trying to find something different, but similar to my other ones. I think that we finally found a pair.They’re a little bit different from anything I’ve ever had before and I’m a little worried about the arms, but apparently clearlycontacts gives you a full year to return them if you don’t like them, so we’ll give it a shot. The downside? The glasses were $58 and my groupon was for $60. Sounds great! Then they get you with a $10 handling charge, a $15 scratch protection package, a $10 shipping charge, taxes, and a $9 charge because I need a slightly different lens. I’m pretty excited now that we’ve picked them out though and hopefully our benefits will cover the extra amount. It will cost us about $70 for a pair of glasses and considering how much my last ones were, that’s not bad at all.

What do you think? Are they me or am I getting a bit too far out of my comfort zone?


2 thoughts on “New Glasses…

  1. Clearly Contacts is a great site! Last time I bought contacts from there it came with a coupon for a free pair of glasses. I haven’t used it yet and will probably still have to pay all the fees that you did, but still a lot better than going to the optometrists.

    Another time they sent me a pair of sunglasses with the contacts, and I really like them!

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