I got the job!

Well, the title pretty much says it all. I got the job that I interviewed for last week! I was working in London on a maternity leave contract and then was given a six-month short term assignment as a Program Coordinator with the expectation that I was going back to my full-time position in Parkhill on April 1, 2012. I am so jazzed to report that I will be returning to the position I’d been doing for the past year and will be staying in London. That means my drive to work just went from 50 minutes to 7 minutes! It means no crappy long winter drives, no working Fridays or Saturdays, no working stat holidays, having bosses that appear to genuinely want me here and respect me, and working with the three amazing young ladies that I’ve been with the past year.

Working with adults is so different from working with youth. Will I miss working with youth? Absolutely. There were so many benefits and I loved helping them reach their goals. Although the goals and benefits for working with adults are very different, it’s still a challenge and helping these ladies to achieve greater independence is wonderful.

There’s also more stability in this position. These ladies will likely be here for a very long time and there is very little risk of lay-off since there is a long waiting list for getting a space in a residential program.

One other MAJOR bonus involves the huge pay increase. This position means that I make more than $5 an hour more than I would have had I returned to Parkhill. Parkhill isn’t even that badly paid, but they receive funding from a different ministry, so it’s harder to get increases.

I feel like there’s more opportunities for me to move up in the London division and that my bosses want me to move up as well. It’s just a much better and much less stressful environment.

I am just so excited about this! Goodbye Parkhill – I’ll miss you (but only a little bit). Hello Permanent London!


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