Christmas Craft Shows…

Tyler took me to FOUR Christmas crafts shows over the past two days (Can you say Best Husband Ever??). Most of them were just small ones in church basements, but one of them was fairly large. We go to the Lucan Craft Show every year in November. It’s pretty big and I always love going. My entire family usually goes (which meant NINE of us went yesterday – I shudder to think how many vehicles we’ll have to take once we all have kids!) and we get little Christmas things and the BEST shortbread cookies around. The guy who makes them works with my Dad, so we always get a good deal. Those cookies are really the main reason that my Mom and sisters go.

I got a few little Christmas things, but I definitely got less than I usually do. It seemed like there was nothing new at the Lucan one this year and there wasn’t much at the three we went to today, but it’s nice to just go and look around and (usually) support a good cause (most donate some money to a charity or something like that).

I got a few cute little things this year to decorate our house. Do you put things like this out at your house? Have you ever been to a Christmas Craft Show?

Snowman - $1

Santa - $1

Earrings - $10 - Not Christmas-y, but pretty nonetheless

Snowman ornament - $4 - I got the same one two years ago, but it broke in Guelph, so I finally got a new one! 🙂


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