Christmas Shopping…

I love Christmas shopping! I’ve done a bit so far, but I feel like I’m way behind this year. I’m pretty much only done my niece and that’s only because I’m constantly buying her things whenever I see cute baby and toddler stuff.

I’ve barely started my family either. I have some small stuff for Kelly, but nothing for Rachel, Andrew, or Chris yet. I’ve got some stuff for my Mom, but nothing for Dad (which is typical because he’s SO hard to buy for!).

We’ve finished for Tyler’s brother and I’ve got a few things for my sister-in-law and mother-in-law now.

I still feel so under prepared this year though! I know I’ve got lots of time since Christmas is still over a month away, but the mall was SO busy today that I’m starting to get worried!

I still need to get a lot of stuff for Tyler too. I’ve got a few small things, but I have big ideas for gifts this year, but none of them are panning out the way I want them too. I had one great idea, but found out today that it probably won’t work. Sigh…

It’s my Mom’s birthday in a few weeks and I think I’ve got her a great gift though! I feel very prepared for her birthday, so I’m pretty happy with that. Tyler’s Dad’s birthday is right before Christmas too, so we need to figure something out on that front too.

I think a big part of my problem is that I don’t know what to get people. I always ask people for ideas, especially for my brother-in-laws, but no one can ever tell me anything. Let me know if you have any ideas – One is farmer/firefighter dad and the other is into sports and video games, but he doesn’t have any new systems, so it’s hard to get a game for him!

Hopefully I can hit up a mall soon and get a whole bunch of stuff at once. I think Tyler might actually let me put up our tree next weekend (fingers crossed!), so then I’ll be able to wrap presents and put them under the tree!

How is your Christmas shopping coming? Do you start early or late?


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