Cooking Shows….

I have recently become addicted to watching cooking shows. I never ever watched them when I was younger, but once Tyler and I started living together, I started watching them more and more. I have watched every season of Hell’s Kitchen, all of the Kitchen Nightmares series, Seasons 5-9 of Top Chef, and we used to watch shows called Chef School and Fink (they were both based out of Stratford, ON). I love seeing what food they make and we’ve even tried some of the recipes.

This has also inspired a huge love of cooking for me. My mother is very unadventurous when it comes to food and passed that along to myself and my sisters. I’m starting to get out of that and will now cook with things I never ate growing up (like garlic). I LOVE garlic now. I put it in pretty much everything, lol. I am also a lot more open to trying different things now. I still have my favourites and often order the same thing at restaurants, but I’m much more willing to try things than I was before (Tyler can attest to that – it took him a long time to get me to eat different things). Another big thing I eat now is onions. I LOVE onions. I used to hate them and wouldn’t even eat things if I knew onions were in them. Now I eat them raw and put them in a lot of my food.

Do you watch any cooking shows? Do you like to cook and have your taste buds changed since you were a kid?


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