My Week…

My week has been INSANE. To the point where I’ve been having trouble getting my blog posts done before 10pm. Sunday was a crazy, busy day, so I should have known that my week was going to be the same way.

Monday, I ended up having to go into work early to get some stuff done, then I went to a course I’d been taking through the RSA. Then I worked for 5 more hours after that. Tuesday, I already had plans to stay about 2 hours late to work on a project with another staff who was donating their time and had to meet with me outside of their hours. That would have been fine, but then my boss e-mailed me at 7am and asked if I could attend the London Police Consultation Meeting regarding their business plan for 2013-2015, so I had to go downtown to the police station and sit through a two hour meeting and speak publicly on behalf of my company in front of 50 strangers and police officers. It was completely nerve-wracking and I didn’t get many of the answers we were looking for, but we had to propose that their new business plan contain information regarding abuse awareness for individuals with a developmental disability as we are now under new legislation about almost all aspects of what we do. We also had some personal agency questions, but they weren’t really able to provide any answers to us about that either. Hopefully they’ll get back to us and something will be figured out. The meeting was pretty interesting though. The beginning got a bit heated where one individual was the leader of the Christian Political Party in London and was appalled that the Police Chief and other members of the police participated in London’s Gay Pride Parade IN uniform. I was very proud of the police service for that action and almost everyone there was quite upset about what he was saying. Anyways, that was Tuesday. An 8-hour shift that turned into a 10-hour shift, that turned into a 12-hour shift.

Move onto Wednesday. Because my initial Tuesday meeting was cancelled, today I had to work from 9:30 until 8:00 because the meeting took that long. It was a good meeting, but it really put added pressure on me to finish this project TOMORROW and there’s A LOT left to do.

It is now Wednesday evening and I’m already at 31.5 hours for the week. I was told to shift my hours instead of going into overtime, but that seems impossible now considering that I have a 4-hour training session on Friday, which puts me at 35.5 hours and means that I can only work 4.5 hours tomorrow (and I have a 2.5 hour team meeting scheduled). I had to call my boss and get permission to either work overtime tomorrow or work more hours this week and less next week. We’ll see what’s actually logical. I’m going to attempt to do 8 hours tomorrow, but I’m getting sick. I’ve been coughing and had a runny nose all day, so I’m hoping that I don’t get sick.

I can’t wait for this week to be over! I’m SO tired and I just want to sleep. I’m also supposed to go shopping at a big mall near Toronto on Saturday with my sister-in-law, so that’s something else to look forward too.

Anyone else had a “kill me now” week?


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