My Favourite Christmas Movie…

My favourite Christmas movie ever is ELF!

I watch it at least 25 times before Christmas and sometimes watch it even in the spring and summer because I love it so much. I also often quote the movie, especially to my husband because I make him watch it with me quite often. I think it’s Will Ferrell’s best movie and, even though I was skeptical at first given his comedy style, it’s nothing like his usual stuff. It’s geared towards kids and I love that. I often say “Son of a nutcracker” when I stub my toe and have referred to myself as a “cotton-headed ninny muggin” before too.

I love the other actors in it as well. Zooey Deschanel as Jovie was the perfect casting choice, as was James Caan as Walter. They played their roles perfectly and whoever wrote the script was a genius. The story is amazing and the costumes are hilarious!

The music is also excellent too. There’s lots of old style Christmas songs, but they’ve been lifted up a bit and have some new singers. They’re great!!

Have you seen Elf? What’s your favourite Christmas movie?


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