Other Vacation Destinations…

I have about a dozen other vacation destinations that I want to go to other than Egypt. I’ve always loved to travel, but I often find it stressful as well. I’m not the best navigator around and often get lost easily, so I like structure with my trips (or I like no structure at all where I can just wander around an area). My favourite person to vacation with is definitely Tyler. He lets me go into any place that I want and I try to do the same for him. It’s nice to just go where you want when you want sometimes.

There are many other vacation destinations I’d love to visit, including:

New York City – I think this one comes from many of the books I’ve read. They’re always based in New York and I’d love to go see the lights and the stores and the city. I know that it’s probably not nearly as glamorous as I think it is, but I’ve still always wanted to go. I always pictured myself living their briefly too. Just to see what it was like. That is completely unrealistic now, but that’s okay.

New York City

Paris, France – I’ve always wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower and practice my French. I could also visit the Louvre and just explore the culture.

Paris, France

Brussels, Belgium – My family is from Belgium and I’d love to go there and learn more about the culture. I’d also love to learn Flemish, but since my Grandfather passed away, I don’t think I’ve heard a word of it. I looked into teaching myself Flemish, but even Chapters doesn’t carry those language kits.

Brussells, Belgium

Hawaii – I just want to go somewhere warm, where I can sit on the beach or by a pool and just relax. I know there’s not too much to explore in Hawaii, but walking along the beach just sounds heavenly, especially when I think about the snowy weather that I’m sure will invade Ontario soon.


Germany – I know that it sounds morbid, but I want to visit some of the WWII museums and take the Auschwitz Tour Krakow in Oswiecim, Germany. I like reading about WWII and I’d like to see some of the things that I’ve read about. I’d also like to see Berlin.

Berlin, Germany

Do you have anywhere that you would like to travel? I could probably list about 100 places (some of them are just smalltowns that I’ve heard of that I’d love to see someday).


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