Tyler’s Famous Chili…

Tyler spent the evening making his famous chili for work tomorrow. He has to work all weekend doing inventory in the warehouse (everyone at Stihl has to do it), but he gets the week between Christmas and New Years off in exchange for working one weekend, so it kind of works out. They try to make the weekend fun and one way they do that is by having “Bean Day” on the Friday (because they call them “bean counters” – haha). Everyone brings in a dish with beans and they do a big potluck lunch. Tyler decided to make his famous chili. It’s seriously the best stuff in the whole world. I used to hate chili growing up, but now I bother Tyler to make his chili all the time, especially in the winter because it’s SO warm and delicious.

Tyler’s secret is the bacon and the chocolate. He starts off by cooking an entire pound of bacon in a pot and then cooks everything in there with the bacon and bacon grease (I never said it was healthy chili!). He adds onion, celery, a pound of ground beef, a can of lentils, kidney beans, mushrooms, chili powder, and two cans of diced tomatoes. He uses the chocolate to balance out the bitterness that can sometimes come from all of the acid. He just puts a little bit in and then balances it out with a little bit of red pepper flakes. It’s the best stuff in the whole world!! I could eat it everyday. I usually hate eating leftovers, but I will eat that chili until the last drop is gone! It’s the best!

Now I just need to convince him to leave some at home tomorrow…


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