My Mom’s Birthday…

My Mom’s Birthday is Tuesday, but we celebrated tonight because my parents are going to Vegas on Sunday afternoon for the entire week (talk about a great birthday present – way to go Dad!).

We do the same thing for everyone’s birthday – we meet at my Mom and Dad’s and the birthday person chooses their favourite dinner. Then we have a homemade chocolate cake and give presents. This year was my Mom’s first birthday as a grandma and Jenny was SO excited tonight! She was playing with all the presents and unwrapping anything that had tissue paper in it. She was enthralled with the candles on the cake and got COVERED in cake.

I got my Mom some little Maple Leaf things (because she LOVES the Toronto Maple Leafs) and a Kindle E-reader, which she LOVED. She’d mentioned getting an e-reader briefly before, so when we went to the states last month, I stopped at Best Buy and got her a Kindle E-reader. She seemed to really love it. I love getting gifts that people love. She was so excited to get it and we spent about an hour setting everything up for her. She’s going to take it to Vegas when they go so that she can bring a few different books without having to carry them.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!


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