14 Weeks…

How far along?: 14 Weeks

How big is baby?The size of a lemon! It’s crazy how quickly they grow!

Weight gain/loss?: I’m actually down 10.4lbs as of this morning. Even the sight of most meat still repulses me and I’ve been sick for a few days, which has REALLY stifled my appetite. Tyler made me mashed potatoes with creamed corn last night and I ate a huge plate and threw everything that I’d eaten the entire day right back up. Yuck! This probably explains why I’m not showing AT ALL!

Maternity clothes?: Not yet. I have two pairs of dress pants that I have yet to wear. I bought them because I needed new dress pants for work and thought there was no point in buying pants to fit me right now since I won’t be able to wear them for long. I think I need to go shopping for some sweaters soon though.

Food cravings?: Cherry ice cubes are my big thing at the moment!

Movement?: Baby books say I shouldn’t feel anything for a few weeks, but I did have an odd sensation the other day that I couldn’t place. It wasn’t painful, just an odd fluttering feeling just to the left of my right hip bone. Doctor said I may feel movement earlier than most women due to positioning, but it still seems really early and I haven’t felt it since!

Belly button?: Looks better than usual due to the weight loss, lol.

Aches and Pains?: My back hurts most nights. Lately I’ve been even more nauseous than I was at the beginning and I threw up A LOT yesterday. Thought this was supposed to be over with the first trimester!

What are you looking forward to this week? The weekend. Being healthy again – my gorgeous little niece got me sick and I’m still trying to recover! Wish I could take some Nyquil to knock me out for a night though!

Extra Questions I’ve Been Getting Asked A Lot

Are we going to find out the sex? Ideally, yes. I have my next prenatal appointment tomorrow, so hopefully we can schedule my next ultrasound then and then we’ll know if it’s a boy or a girl! Not sure if we’ll make it public though!

Do we have any names picked out? We have LOTS of options! Nothing definite though! My current favourite for a girl is Olivia (nickname Olive) and for a boy is Peter. We’ll see what we like in a few weeks though and will base it on how our baby looks too.

Is your baby being named after someone? Sort of. Our middle names are from our families. The boy will either have Donald James or Robert James as their middle names, not sure which yet. It will likely depend on their first name. James is very prominent on Tyler’s side. Donald is my dad’s name and Robert was my grandfather’s name. The original middle name plan for a girl was to be Josepha Maureen or Sharon Maureen, but Mom doesn’t like her name and says it’s “mean” to do that to a baby, so we’ll see! Sharon is my grandmother and Josepha was my great-grandmother.

Do you think you’ll deliver on time, early, or late? I hope that I go a bit early! But I think I’ll be a bit late. My sister is getting married when I’m 36 weeks and everyone is joking that I’ll go into labour that day! I hope not though! Nothing like your water breaking in a $250 dress!

No belly pictures to post since I’m really not showing. I haven’t even remembered to take pictures most weeks, but I have a 9 week, 10 week, and 14 week picture. Maybe I’ll post them all together next week to see if anyone can see anything!


One thought on “14 Weeks…

  1. Yayayayayayaya…if you have any questions,let me kno. I’m also doing clinical right now on the post partum,peads and delivery unit so hopefully I’m a pro soon………..from personal annnnd nursing side of it! 🙂

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