15 weeks…

How far along?: 15 Weeks

How big is baby?The size of an orange or just bigger than your fist. All measurements at this point are from head to bum. Their legs are now finally longer than their arms!

Weight gain/loss?: Still down, but I’ve gained a small amount back. I’m now down 9lbs exactly.

Maternity clothes?: I bought some t-shirts and a sweater over the weekend. I’m starting to get the tiniest little bump, but it’s hard to tell if I’m pregnant or just getting fatter.

Food cravings?: Salad with french dressing. Still repulsed by meat.

Movement?: Nothing really, so I’m guessing last week wasn’t movement that I was feeling.

Belly button?: Still looks better than usual due to the weight loss, lol.

Aches and Pains?: Lots of nausea still this week. I’ve had a headache and backache for a little while too, but the headache is likely due to the great contact lens catastrophe of 2012.

What are you looking forward to this week? My sister’s stag and doe on Saturday. Sleeping in a bit tomorrow since I have to work until 8 for a team meeting.

Extra Questions I’ve Been Asked This Week

When is your next appointment? I see the doctor on April 4th and then have my sex assessment ultrasound on the 11th!!

Does everyone know? Not yet. All of my family and facebook/twitter know. I have told my boss and a few co-workers and head office staff. I have yet to tell my staff teams or make it public at work. I’m telling the other managers next week and then informing my staff teams after that.


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