20 Weeks…

How far along?: 20 weeks – Halfway there!!

How big is baby?: The size of a cantaloupe! They’re about 10 inches from head to toe and 6.5 from head to bum.

Weight gain/loss?: I’m down about 10-11lbs still, but I’ve got my appetite back, so I’m sure I’ll start gaining soon.

Maternity clothes?: Still just the few shirts I bought a while ago, but all of my regular clothes still fit. Jeans are getting a bit tighter, so I may have to purchase some soon.

Food cravings?: Sweet pickles and ice cream (not together!).

Movement?:Felt some a little while ago, but haven’t felt much recently.

Belly button?: Still looks the same.

Aches and Pains?: Really tired. Lots of headaches and back pain. LOTS of heartburn!! If the legends are true, this baby is going to be half yeti.

What are you looking forward to this week? Our next ultrasound on Saturday morning where we’ll hopefully find out if we’re having a boy or a girl!

Extra Questions I’ve Been Asked This Week

What do I think the sex is? I originally felt like it was a girl, but lately I’ve felt like it’s a boy. Everyone in my family thinks it’s a boy, but hopefully we’ll know on Saturday.

Does everyone know? Pretty much. There are a few staff from other locations that don’t know and I think they’ll be really surprised, but it won’t really affect them.

Do we have any names picked out? We’ve tried to settle on some, but we’re going to wait to choose our definite names until we know what we’re having.

I’m still not really showing yet, but I’ll get Tyler to take a picture of me later since I’m REALLY bad at taking mirror shots of myself. When I wear cardigans, you can’t tell that I’m pregnant at all. It’s pretty much just with t-shirts and tank tops and that only looks like I’ve gained a few pounds in my tummy, that’s all. No one can tell that I’m pregnant yet.


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