36 Weeks….

How far along?: 36 weeks… Technically 36 weeks, 5 days, but I’m way behind on my blogging!

How big is baby?:A honey dew melon!! My guess is that she’s actually bigger than that though since my last ultrasound confirmed that she’s bigger than expected at this point.

Weight gain/loss?: Officially up 2.2lbs as of this morning. Not bad for someone who’s almost done and carrying a 6lb baby in there! So technically I’ve LOST weight being pregnant. Best diet I’ve ever been on, lol.

Maternity clothes?: I have a pair of shorts and a few dresses that I’m loving right now. I still fit into a pair of pants that I bought when I was 3 months pregnant and they still fit very well. Can’t wait to get back into my regular clothes though!

Food cravings?: Not really. I more have things that I DON’T want, but that’s about it.

Movement?: Baby Doan is either going to be a ninja or a soccer player. Maybe a kick boxer…

Belly button?: Still looks fairly normal. Hasn’t popped and probably won’t at this point.

Aches and Pains?: My back is killing me! I had killer cramps yesterday and I’m exhausted. Can’t wait for my daughter to come out so I can feel normal again!

What are you looking forward to this week? This is my LAST week of work!!! So freaking excited!!!!!

Extra Questions I’ve Been Getting Asked A Lot

Are we ready? Mostly. I have a few more things that I want to get done before she gets here, but if they don’t get done, it’s not really a big deal. My main problem is that I’m too tired to do anything else now. Really looking forward to nesting soon, I hope!

Do we have any names picked out? Her first name is ready and picked. We’re still debating between three different middle names (she will have two).

Do you think you’ll deliver on time, early, or late? Early, I think. I feel like she’s pretty ready to come out and I’m definitely ready for her to make her grand debut!

36 Weeks!


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