38 Weeks….

How far along?: 38 Weeks.

How big is baby?: A pumpkin! She feels huge at this point!

Weight gain/loss?: Up 4.6lbs as of this morning.

Maternity clothes?: Loving my black shorts right now. They’re so comfortable!!

Food cravings?: Not really. Had a craving for a chocolate frosty from Wendy’s earlier, but I didn’t give into the temptation.

Movement?: My little girl was up ALL night last night. She had the hiccups for over half an hour and then proceeded to kick the crap out of me the rest of the night.

Belly button?: Hasn’t popped and probably won’t at this point. Doesn’t look normal, but doesn’t look freakish.

Aches and Pains?: My back still really hurts all the time. I’ve had a weird pain in my left hip joint for about two weeks, but  no idea what’s causing it.

What are you looking forward to this week? Hopefully having my daughter this week! That would be the best thing ever!

Extra Questions I’ve Been Getting Asked A Lot

Are we ready? Pretty much. I just need to finish packing Tyler’s “bug out” bag as he calls it. I got him some snacks and he put in some clothes this morning, so we’re pretty much good to go.

Do you think you’ll deliver on time, early, or late? The closer I get to my due date, the more freaked out I get that she’ll be late and get even bigger in there. I went to the doctor’s this morning and I’m only about 0.5cm dilated. The doctor tried to help her along a bit because she’s already so big, but it mostly just hurt me. Hopefully she’ll come this weekend sometime!

37 Weeks. I’ll have to take my 38 Week photo later tonight.


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