9 Days…

It’s officially only nine days until  my due date (!!) and I would give almost ANYTHING to have my baby girl with me already! It’s 10% tired of being pregnant and 90% wanting to get our little girl out into this world! I am so beyond excited to meet our baby girl. I still don’t think it’s completely hit me that my life is about to change completely. In 19 days max (at the most – 9 days until my due date, plus a max of 10 days if they have to induce me), I am going to have a little girl glued to me for the next few years and someone to take care of for the next 25 years (minimum). I’m terrified and elated and nervous and everything in between!

Tyler and I put the final touches on her room last night (everything was ready, but we just hung up some things that didn’t necessarily need to be done before she got here) and it looks AMAZING!! Tyler has such an eye for where things should go. We walked in with some ideas of what we thought we wanted and then he would hold something up somewhere else and it would look even better! I am so beyond lucky that Tyler is so handy! He put up blinds that looked crazy complicated in about 15 minutes and hung two crazy shelf systems in minutes! I don’t know how single mothers get anything put together. I had a hell of a time just trying to figure out what to do with her car seat!

I’ve posted some pictures of her room below. Here’s hoping she’ll join us sometime this week and will get to enjoy her room herself.

Whale bookends, giraffe, and zebra piggy bank!

Storage unit full of toys!


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