39 Weeks…

How far along?: 39 Weeks.

How big is baby?: A freaking WATERMELON!!! Can’t believe I have something that big inside of me!


Weight gain/loss?: I’ve lost more weight from last week. From the very first time I was weighed throughout this pregnancy, I’m up 3.4lbs. Not bad for 39 weeks pregnant!

Maternity clothes?: Pretty much all that fits at this point, lol. I have one pair of capris from pre-baby that still fit, but they’re not as comfortable as other clothes. I can’t wait to get back into regular clothes though. Having to wear pants this high feels unnatural sometimes!

Food cravings?: Still not many. Tyler was talking about how one of his co-worker’s wives always craved Dairy Queen and that he was on a first name basis with the staff at the one by their house, so I told Tyler that he was lucky!

Movement?: Really slowing down, but she’s running out of room in there!

Belly button?: Still looks pretty normal. My stomach has been numb around my belly button for quite some time, but as the Obstetrician said, your belly button is essentially a scar, so it doesn’t stretch out as far as other areas. I’ll be glad when I’m done being pregnant and I can feel my stomach again.

Aches and Pains?: This week, my hips and knees are so sore! I feel like I’ve run a marathon every day! Obstetrician said that it’s normal though because the baby needs to settle down further to come out, so I’m good with that!

What are you looking forward to this week? Meeting my little girl! I’m due in 6 days and my next appointment is in 5 days where we’ll talk about a possible induction date if she hasn’t come by then. Tomorrow is a full moon and I feel like my body is definitely progressing towards having her.

Extra Questions I’ve Been Getting Asked A Lot

Do you think you’ll deliver on time, early, or late? The further along I get, the more I think I’ll deliver late. I really hope that she comes sometime in the next few days, but not on Monday (it’s Tyler’s birthday and he already shares with his brother, so I want them to have separate days to celebrate). I’d love for her to be here by Monday though. I can’t wait for Tyler to become a Daddy! He’s already the best one in the world (he shares that title with my Dad).

Do you have a name all ready and picked out? We do indeed! No one knows the middle names yet except for me and Tyler, but we completely decided on her full name last night! Stay tuned for the post about our baby girl to learn her name!


2 thoughts on “39 Weeks…

  1. Sounds like you’re getting close! I really hope you don’t need induced. I was induced with Harry at 4 days overdue and it was a long, complicated labour. With Peter I was determined not to be induced and he finally came 13 days late, 2 hour natural birth. I couldn’t have been happier. I’m going to guess Sunday!

    • I don’t really want to be induced either! I feel like she might come this weekend. I don’t know where that feeling is coming from though! I hope she comes before Sunday. I don’t want Tyler to have to spend his birthday in the hospital. I want him to be able to celebrate at home with his daughter!

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