Things I’ve Learned About Myself From Being Pregnant…

I have learned a lot about myself from being pregnant.

1. I didn’t really consider myself as someone who doesn’t like to be touched. I hug people who probably find it odd that I’m hugging them (i.e., family members who I’ve just met or who I only see VERY rarely and it is EXTREMELY AWKWARD, but I hug them anyways). However, I HATE when people touch my belly. I don’t mind at all when Tyler does or when my parents or sisters or Tyler’s parents do. They’re her family and are going to be close to her irregardless. It’s the randoms who touch my stomach. Like the staff team at my one location. One lady in particular would touch my stomach EVERY time she saw me. I won’t even consider hugging this person. I try to make it a policy not to hug staff because I don’t want to create the illusion of a close relationship because sooner or later I’m probably going to have to reprimand or discipline them. General rule for people touching a pregnant woman’s stomach – If EITHER of you would EVER feel uncomfortable about giving or getting a hug from the other person, it’s probably safe to say that you should not be touching her stomach.

2. I am NOT a patient person. At work, I tend to be quite patient, but mostly because I have to. I think that makes me more impatient in my life outside of work though because I’ve had to deal with delicate situations all day and I can’t handle anymore when I leave. Being two days from my due date has reinforced this even more. I would have had my daughter weeks ago if I had a choice. I am so tired of sitting around waiting for her. I don’t like to sit around. I like to be out doing stuff, even working, but you can’t really work at 40 weeks pregnant. You also can’t really go too far from home. I’d probably even feel uncomfortable driving up to Guelph at this point because it’s over an hour from my doctor should I go into labour. I honestly feel like my hometown (about 40 minutes from my doctor) is the very furthest I can go. Bottom line, Patience is a virtue I do not possess.

3. I can’t wait to write about my baby girl on here, on my facebook, on my twitter, and everywhere in between, but I can’t stand when people do 200 status updates a day about how their baby “finally rolled over.” I get it, it’s a big deal. But seriously, it drives me insane to read these things. I also hate seeing 27 pictures of your baby lifting their head up for the first time! Once is cute. Twice is still kind of cute. Three makes me want to vomit. I know that you’re proud of your child and I’m sure I will have the same nauseating status updates and pictures that every other parent does, but it still drives me insane. Oddly enough, it also bothers me when people don’t post ANYTHING about their kids. It’s like they’re ashamed to have them or something. Even more annoying than people who post too much.

4. I totally play into some gender stereotypes. I have never considered myself a “girly girl.” Ever. I never wanted to be a ballerina or any other stereotypically female role. I had a blue room growing up and played baseball ALL the time and read ridiculous amounts of books on everything. But with my own daughter, I’ve chosen an adorable wall colour called “purpling” and bought her little pink dresses and a pink Maple Leaf hat. She has purple bedding and a pink piggy on her shelf and tons of pink clothes. Okay, maybe I’m not playing into the “typical stereotypes,” but it still feels odd to me. I have no problem buying her clothes that look boyish, but I will admit I am attracted to clothes that are cutesy or pink (I draw the line at dresses or diaper covers with frilly bums). I never ever ever thought that this would be the case with me, but it is. I also worry about her like crazy! I never thought that anything remotely bad would ever happen to me in my life (i.e., walking down a dark street alone, dating someone who could hurt me, etc.), but with my daughter, it’s ALL I think about. I don’t think this would be as bad if we were having a boy, but it’d definitely still be there.

It’s crazy the things you learn about yourself when you learn you’re going to become a parent! I feel like a totally different person!


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