Olivia Sharon Anne Doan

I’m a bit behind on my blogging, but there’s a good reason for it!

Baby Olivia has arrived!

Olivia Sharon Anne Doan was born on Sunday September 9, 2012 at 11:24pm. She was 8lbs, 9oz and 20 inches long. She has big blue eyes (which are now starting to look more like a grey colour instead of a blue) and a full head of dark brown hair. She has the daintiest little fingers and great big feet (She wouldn’t be a Phillips/Doan if she didn’t!). She is just beautiful! We are completely smitten with her!

So far, she is an amazing baby! She only cries when she’s hungry or wet and even then it’s more like a quiet fussing than actual crying. She REALLY hates the bath though! She screams the whole time. I feel awful every time we have to bathe her! Poor thing! She’s a pretty good sleeper too. She’s usually up only once or twice in the night. She even slept for six straight hours one night (it scared the crap out of me though because I didn’t think it would happen so soon). Olivia is also EXTREMELY strong! She already holds her head up for long periods of time and will look around. She’s also quite the little cuddler! She loves to snuggle in with me and Tyler and will take long snuggly naps. She is such a sweetie pie!

Her birth was quite the experience, but that’s a story for another time when I have some time to write all the details. I’ve posted some pictures below!


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