Three Months!

I can’t believe that Olivia is already three months old. Technically, she’s a day away from being four months old, but again, I’d rather spend my time snuggling and playing with her than worrying about when posts should be written.

Weight: 13lbs, 0 oz

Height: 24 inches

Milestones: So freaking close to giggling. She had her first laugh at 3 months, 5 days, so technically she hadn’t when she was exactly 3 months, but it was still the most beautiful sound in the world. She also got really good at grabbing things and definitely found her hands. She is not far off from getting teeth and constantly has her hands in her mouth. She often tries to get both of them completely in there. She is still trying to roll over and gets about halfway there and then turns back to her back. She’s still sleeping really well, but regressed around 12 weeks when she had a growth spurt. She got up at midnight a few times to nurse, but then slept until 7:30 again. Those few days kicked my ass though. I was definitely spoiled with her sleeping through the night. She was constantly hungry and never wanted to be put down. She went back to her normal self after about 5 days though. She’s still the sweetest and most beautiful little girl that I’ve ever met though. She’s so smiley and calm and loves almost everyone (she doesn’t seem to like being held by people who smoke – she cries almost immediately and can only be soothed by me or Tyler).

Here are some pictures from our three month photo session!







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