Missing my Baby Bump

This is one thing that I NEVER ever thought I would say. But as I hear my sisters (who are both expecting!) talk about their little ones kicking them and feeling them hiccup, I’m struck with the realization of how much I miss my baby bump.

Maybe it’s not the actual “bump” that I miss. Maybe it’s feeling Olivia kick inside of me or even just feeling her in there. I LOVED being pregnant (up until I was about 36 weeks when things got SUPER uncomfortable). There were some days when I hated being pregnant. I missed my normal clothes and sleeping on my stomach (I had the WORST time trying to find a position that I could sleep in). Most days though, I was fine. I didn’t have much morning sickness and I didn’t miss a single day of work other than when I had to come in a bit late or leave a bit early for appointments with my OB, which didn’t start until 32 weeks. If I didn’t have to have a c-section with subsequent pregnancies, I would totally be a surrogate. It’s possible for me to give birth naturally with the next one, but given I needed a c-section with Olivia because she was too big and the second babies are usually bigger than the first, I’m not holding my breath or pressing my luck.

I really miss feeling Olivia move around in there. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that she’s here. I was ready to have her in August, but had to wait until September 9th. But I do miss knowing that I was growing a beautiful little miracle inside of me and that I could completely protect her in there. Sometimes I even still subconsciously rub my belly like I did when I was pregnant.

Do you miss your baby bump? Did you like being pregnant or hate it with a passion (like my sister)?


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