Favourite Baby Products

We held my youngest sister’s baby shower today and as she was opening gifts, it made me realize how many products there are out there that I love and that I hate. Okay, maybe not hate, but stuff that we thought would be useful and it turned out to be completely useless.

Olivia LOVES her bright starts play mat. This wasn’t something that we bought right away. I’m not sure why, but we didn’t even put it on our registry. We went and bought one when Livi was only a few weeks old and she LOVES it. She will hold onto the monkey and look in the mirror for as long as I’ll let her (unless she’s tired and doesn’t want to be lying on her back).

playmatOlivia also used to love her bouncer. We didn’t originally buy one of these either because we had a really nice swing for her, but Tyler was told by a co-worker that they were really good, so we went out and got her one. She really enjoyed it when she was a newborn and would even fall asleep in it. We still use it everyday while I shower and such, but she much prefers to be on her playmat or in her bumbo chair now. She LOVES her bumbo now. She sits like a little adult and leans towards you when you talk to her. I love it!


After test driving quite a few strollers, we finally decided on this one. It turns on a dime and takes corners really well. It fits her car seat and can be used until she’s much bigger. The only thing I wish is that the back panel was solid. It has a mesh panel for air flow, but it makes it much harder to take Olivia for walks in the winter because I’m afraid she’ll get too cold. Despite that though, I LOVE this stroller.


We also have a Medela breast pump that we got as a gift. We originally bought another brand and it NEVER worked. We then switched to Medela and it worked instantly. I find that it has a LOT of power, so be careful with the strength setting, but it definitely works well.

breast pumpWe also love our sterilizer. It’s not a conventional one, which is even better. You add a little bit of water to the bottom of the container, put bottles, soothers, etc. in it, microwave it for 5 minutes, and voila! Clean and sterilized bottles. It makes everything so much easier. It doesn’t seem like such a task to sterilize things.


We also love Avent brand soothers. We have quite a few different brands that we got as gifts (Nuk, Babylife, and some crazy brand that I’d never heard of). The Babylife ones were fine and we still use them in a pinch. I find that she sucks too hard on the Nuk ones and ends up with lines on her face in the outline of the pacifier. The Avent ones seem to fit her perfectly though. They’re more expensive than other brands, but they seem much more durable and Olivia really seems to prefer them.


And last, but certainly not least, our sleep sheep. It makes naptime better (well, as good as naptime can be around here – Olivia is currently on a nap strike, but that’s a whole blog post in itself) and it works really well when we’re at my parents and trying to drown out ambient noise. We have the full size one for at home and the mini one that we keep attached to the car seat and baby bag.

sleep sheep

There are several other products that we use that I will blog about soon, but these are the main ones that we have found the most useful throughout the past 4 months.

Do you have any recommendations of things we may need over the coming months as Olivia learns to crawl and walk?


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