Don’t Blink

My little girl is already five months old… Where did that time go? Didn’t I just find out that I was pregnant? Where is my little newborn who was so helpless and immobile? Where is my little snuggler that used to fall asleep in my arms just sitting with me? Where is the little girl that I used to try to coax into smiling for the first time? Where did that time go?

I can no longer blink. I feel like I’ll close my eyes for a second and my little girl will be 12 months and learning to walk and talk. 2 years and riding a tricycle. 4 and starting school. 13 and going to high school. 15 and going on her first date. 16 and learning to drive. 18 and going off to University. 25 and getting married.

I swear that I was just 16 years old myself. Where did the last 10 years go? Wasn’t I just starting University? Didn’t I just get married?

I am so afraid that I’m going to close my eyes and wake up one morning and my little girl is going to be moving away from home.

I know that the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen (or at least I don’t feel like I blinked and missed everything) is to live life to the fullest and do as much with my little girl as possible, but it’s still scary.

Does anyone else feel like this or am I totally off my nut?

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