Livi’s First Baby Food

Livi’s been having rice cereal for almost a month now, but we gave her actual baby food for the first time last night. She wasn’t a huge fan, but it was the first thing that she’s ever really had with any taste. She’s only ever had rice cereal and breast milk. The faces she made while eating the sweet potatoes were priceless!

Not a fan!

Not a fan!

Still adorable, even with yams all over her nose!

Still adorable, even with yams all over her nose!

My little cutie pie!

My little cutie pie!

4 thoughts on “Livi’s First Baby Food

  1. My son went right into it loving baby food. We alternated between rice and baby food. Sometimes we would even combined them. Jaydon has actually been really good with food. He tends to eat almost everything we give him.
    I’m sure your little girl will start eating baby food like a champ. I guess she’s just getting use to it.

    Chris Hall
    The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy

    • She’s starting to get better already! She seems to like carrots more than peas and sweet potatoes. We want her to be an adventurous eater too. How did you get Jaydon to eat almost everything you give him? Any tricks for the coming months?

      • We would just introduce new foods to Jaydon and he would try them. It’s funny, carrots was one of the few baby food items Jaydon did not like at first. Took a couple of months before he started to eat them.

      • Crazy! Everyone seems surprised that Livi didn’t like sweet potatoes! We’ve been slowly introducing new foods and giving her a few days to get used to them! Thanks for the help!

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