Five Months!

Bah! Of course I’m super behind on these posts again. Livi will be SIX months on Saturday. Where did that time go? She is getting to be such a big girl. She’s going to be on the move any day now and she’ll need me less and less from there on out.

Weight: 15 lbs, 10 oz

Height: 26 and 1/4 inches

Milestones: Rolling ALL OVER THE PLACE! I can’t get her to stay in one place. She is also SO CLOSE to crawling. When we put her on her back, she immediately rolls to her stomach and starts kicking her legs. She wants to go so badly. She smiles ALL THE TIME now, but is still very selective with her giggles. The one surefire thing that makes her laugh is throwing her in the air (not high at all and always over the bed). She plays with her feet the second you take her socks or her sleeper off and loves to chew on her hands. We think she is teething, but no teeth have popped through yet. I think it will happen any day now though. Her cheeks are rosy, she’s really fussy (especially at night), and she chews on EVERYTHING. She is getting so much better at sleeping now too. Half the time she sleeps through the night from 10 to 7 with no wake-ups. The other nights, she wakes up around 4 or so for a bum change, but goes back down fairly quickly.

Here are some pictures from our five month photo session! She is getting so big and beautiful!

IMG_5828 IMG_5837 IMG_5847 IMG_5849 IMG_5859 IMG_5874 IMG_5876

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