All About Us

Welcome to my blog! Sarah – Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother is a blog where I write about the many roles that I have in this wonderful life. It is also a family lifestyle blog where I love to write about our beautiful daughter, our daily lives, some of my favourite things (mostly books as I’m a HUGE bookworm), and everything in between. I love to write and have a dream of someday writing a novel.

Here is a little bit about the ones called Mommy and Daddy:

Tyler and I met in high school in 2001 (in high school band of all places). We were friends for a little while and, although I had a huge crush on him, he was completely oblivious. It wasn’t until he went away to University that we started talking and eventually started dating in February 2004. We got engaged in June 2006 and were married in September 2009. We live in London, Ontario with our beautiful little girl and our fickle little pooch Kirby.
I am a Program Manager for a Non-Profit Organization that works with youth who are in conflict with the law and adults with developmental disabilities. I have a B.A. with an honours double major in Psychology and Criminology from the University of Western Ontario. I am currently on maternity leave and am a stay-at-home mom until I go back to work in September 2013.
I’m both a girly-girl and a tomboy. I love to read and watch movies. I also LOVE to play baseball. I would play year-round if the weather in Canada would permit it. I also love tennis and am hoping to develop an affinity for running in the near future. I would love to be able to run 5k events someday. I have a love of scrapbooking and love decorating and redecorating rooms. Reality TV is one of my guilty pleasures.
Tyler is the wonderful man who puts up with all of my craziness. He is a lover of video games, computers, and cooking. He is one of the most laidback and funny men I’ve ever met and everyone he knows loves him. We often finish each others’ sentences and have more inside jokes than I can count.
I can also be found on twitter @ and on pinterest as “Sarah Doan.” Tyler can also be found on twitter @

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