One Thing

One thing I will learn: How to better handle my stress. Sometimes I find things so overwhelming and I just turn into this giant stress ball. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who picks up the pieces, but this is definitely something I need to work on.

One place I will go: No idea. We don’t have any trips planned for the near future because of our gorgeous little girl. We may take a few day trips when Tyler takes his vacation in the summer, but we have nothing definite planned.

One physical habit I will break: Being inactive. About three years ago, I went hard core and lost 30lbs in about 2 months. When we moved, I totally lost my motivation and ended up gaining it all back, PLUS another 30lbs. It was ridiculous how much this move affected me. I will playing baseball again this coming year and I vow to take the dog for more walks with Olivia once the weather turns nice again. I also want to start working out again once I get Miss Olivia onto a more consistent schedule.

One physical habit I will cultivate: Same as above. I need to start getting back into shape.

One mental habit I will break: Over-analyzing EVERYTHING. Sometimes people have no hidden meanings behind their comments and I need to realize this.

One relationship I’ll repair: I don’t have any particular relationship that I think needs to be repaired, but I do vow to strengthen my relationships with my family and friends. I also need to figure out how to make time for some of my friends. Between Olivia and everything else happening in my life, sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough time for some people.

One work habit I will change: Constantly checking my e-mail at home. If someone needs something right away, they will call. I need to learn not to bring my work home with me.

One thing I’ll throw out: All of our extra stuff! I have SO much clothing and I never wear most of it. I’ll donate it instead of throwing it out though!

A second thing I’ll throw out: Paper!! We have so much stuff filed away and we will never need most of it. I need to sort through our files and get rid of it.

One thing I’ll eat more often: Healthy,  home cooked food. It is so much easier to just order take-out, but it is so bad for us!

One thing I’ll eat less: Take-out. I eat way too much of it.

One thing I’ll drink more: Water.

One thing I’ll drink less: Pop. This is a huge vice for me. I don’t drink alcohol, so at least there’s that, but I need to find something else to drink instead of pop.

One resentment I’ll get over: I have a bit of a tumultuous relationship with a certain member of my family and I just want to let the past go and deal with the future. It’s so not worth it.

One person I’ll treat more respectfully: My husband. I find that I get very easily frustrated sometimes and he’s always the one having to pick me up. I don’t tell him enough how much I appreciate everything he does for me.

One thing I’ll spend less money on: Food. I always buy stuff that looks good at the market and then I end up not eating it and we throw it out a week later.

One other change I’ll make in my finances: I want to start saving for our future. We already have our own house and two vehicles, but I want to be more prepared for other stuff that will inevitably come our way and I want to start an RESP for Olivia.

One thing I’ll spend less time doing: Complaining. It’s true that it doesn’t get you anywhere.

And a thing I’ll spend more time doing: Being present in the moment. I need to focus more on what’s right in front of me and less on what’s going on at work, etc.

Resolutions for 2013

1. GET ORGANIZED – I have 10,000 projects that I want to do around the house. I want to sort through our closets and drawers and cupboards and get rid of all the extra stuff we have. I probably have over 1000 pieces of clothing, but I literally wear the same 20 pieces over and over again. I made a huge list of EVERYTHING I want to get done, but Olivia takes priority for me and I would rather spend the entire day snuggling on the couch with her and get nothing done than not give her the attention that she deserves for a single second.

2. BLOG MORE OFTEN – My blog writing has been severely lacking since I had Olivia. I just haven’t had time to blog. But now that she’s sleeping earlier and getting up later (and not at all during the night!!), I’m going to make a conscious effort to blog at least once a week.

3. BE A BETTER WIFE AND MOTHER – Sometimes I feel like a total failure in these departments. Any wife or mother can attest that these feelings are completely normal, but I want to keep striving to be a better wife and mother.

4. LOSE WEIGHT – I make this resolution every year. Last year’s resolution to do this got completely derailed on January 1st when I found out I was pregnant. I’m already down 21lbs from my weight as of January 1, 2012, but I still have a long way to go (I have a very specific goal in mind, but I’m not comfortable sharing my starting weight at this point). I’m still trying to figure out how to diet and exercise properly while breastfeeding, so anyone with any advice on this subject, please please please chime in and give me any tips you have! It would be greatly appreciated!

Three Months!

I can’t believe that Olivia is already three months old. Technically, she’s a day away from being four months old, but again, I’d rather spend my time snuggling and playing with her than worrying about when posts should be written.

Weight: 13lbs, 0 oz

Height: 24 inches

Milestones: So freaking close to giggling. She had her first laugh at 3 months, 5 days, so technically she hadn’t when she was exactly 3 months, but it was still the most beautiful sound in the world. She also got really good at grabbing things and definitely found her hands. She is not far off from getting teeth and constantly has her hands in her mouth. She often tries to get both of them completely in there. She is still trying to roll over and gets about halfway there and then turns back to her back. She’s still sleeping really well, but regressed around 12 weeks when she had a growth spurt. She got up at midnight a few times to nurse, but then slept until 7:30 again. Those few days kicked my ass though. I was definitely spoiled with her sleeping through the night. She was constantly hungry and never wanted to be put down. She went back to her normal self after about 5 days though. She’s still the sweetest and most beautiful little girl that I’ve ever met though. She’s so smiley and calm and loves almost everyone (she doesn’t seem to like being held by people who smoke – she cries almost immediately and can only be soothed by me or Tyler).

Here are some pictures from our three month photo session!






2012: Year In Review

Another year come and gone… 2012 seems to have been the fastest year yet.

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good year. Not every day was an amazing day, but there was a lot of joy and wonderful moments.

The very first day of 2012 was an amazing day… That was the day we found out I was pregnant with Olivia. I don’t even know why we decided to take a test that day. I was late, but had some complications prior to that day and hadn’t really thought anything of it until we got to that date and decided to take a test. I didn’t really believe the first positive, so we took another and, low and behold, it too was positive.


I also got a promotion and started a new position on January 16th. I love my job so much more now than I did in my old position. I’m a Program Manager now. The job is so much better (though there’s often a lot more crap to deal with) and I get daytime hours, which is so much more conducive to having a family.

In April, we found out that we were having a little girl! We couldn’t believe it. I initially thought she was a girl, but then had a dream at about 8 weeks that convinced me I was having a boy. I would have been ecstatic with either though!

Ultrasound - April 11, 2012 - 1

In July, we learned that my sister was pregnant and that our family would be growing even more. We also lost my wonderful grandmother in July. She was only 68, but had suffered from COPD for years. I miss her every single day. Sometimes I’m able to go on like everything is almost normal and then other days, it hits me like a ton of bricks. Just the other day I thought that I should give her a call to see if we could come over for a visit and it slammed me that I couldn’t do that ever again.

sarah and grandma

In August, my youngest sister got married and we soon found out that she was pregnant too! Now there will be four cousins within just over a 2 year period.

kelly and chris wedding

In September, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world. She is the sweetest, cutest, smartest little being I’ve ever laid eyes on and I wouldn’t give up a single moment with her for anything in this world. We also celebrated Tyler’s 27th Birthday and our 3rd Wedding Anniversary (I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already!).

Olivia Sharon Anne Doan

October to December were a complete whirlwind. Anyone who’s ever had a baby can attest that this is true. The days just seem to blend together and before you know it a month has gone by. My little girl had her first Hallowe’en and her first Christmas. I celebrated my 26th birthday and was super busy learning how to be a Mom.


Our year was absolutely amazing and it seems like 2013 will be even better. My little girl is turning into such a little person. She has such a personality and seems well on the way to getting teeth and learning to crawl. It terrifies me a little bit that she’ll be crawling soon and that she’ll be walking and talking sometime this year. I’m not even close to being ready to have a toddler. I’ve seen how quickly my niece grew from a baby to a toddler and I’m half terrified half excited to see Olivia do that. I have so many hopes and dreams for her, but I’m also terrified about all the crazy things that could happen to her in this crazy world.

So, here’s to 2013. I’m wishing you all a wonderful year full of happy moments and memories that last a lifetime.

Christmas Photos

We recently had our first family photo session! We had a photographer come to our house and take some pictures of us in front of our Christmas tree! Olivia looked so adorable, but was so sleepy after only a few photos!

Changed into the snowflake outfit!

Changed into the snowflake outfit!

Mommy and her little sleepy bug!

Mommy and her little sleepy bug!

Our Little Family!

Our Little Family!

Our Little Family!

Our Little Family!

Photo Collage!

Photo Collage!

Two Months!

Olivia is officially two months old already! Technically, she’s already two and a half months, but having a baby doesn’t exactly leave  you with time to meet deadlines, lol. I can’t believe how quickly the time is going! She’ll be crawling and walking before I know it!

Weight: 12lbs, 0.5oz

Height: 23 inches

Milestones: Constantly smiling! She’s trying REALLY hard to laugh, but just can’t quite get that little giggle out yet. She’s getting better at being on her tummy during “tummy time,” but still prefers to be on her belly while lying against my chest. She’s definitely found her hands and is constantly chewing on them. She LOVES to babble and coo at us and even tries to mimic me when I sing to her. She has some songs that she prefers over others (her current favourites are “My Girl” by The Temptations and “Danny’s Song”). She has also developed a VERY strong attachment to me – so much so that even Daddy sometimes can’t soothe her. Apparently it’s due to her learning about object permanence, but I like to think I’m her favourite, lol. She is getting SO CLOSE to rolling over too. She gets almost there and then rolls back. She also sleeps through the night now! She goes down around 10pm and sleeps until 6am. She then nurses and goes back down until 9-9:30. She’s starting to get a bit fussier, but still is a very calm and sweet baby. Her smiles and cuddles are the best part of my day!

Here are some pictures from our two month photo session!

My little bug!

She still loves bath time!

Getting bigger!

She has the most kissable little face!

Happy Hallowe’en!!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Hallowe’en! Olivia was so calm and happy last night despite the dog going berserk every time a kid rang the doorbell. Anyways, see some pictures below of our little beauty on her first Hallowe’en!

Mommy and her little monster!

My sweetie pie!

Our Little Pumpkin!

One Month!

My little Olivia is officially one month old as of yesterday! (This post was written 3 weeks ago, but I had to wait to add the pictures and then forgot about it, lol). I can’t believe how quickly the time is going! It seems like just yesterday that I was in the hospital in labour or going into surgery. The memory of my labour is definitely fading a bit though. It doesn’t feel quite so traumatizing, lol.

Weight: 10lbs, 9oz

Height: 21.5 inches

Milestones: Starting to mimic facial expressions! It’s the cutest thing in the world when I smile at her and she tries to smile back. She’s also started reaching and grabbing for objects. She successfully reached for and grabbed her stuffed zebra during our photo session yesterday! Olivia has also started discovering her hands and feet. She’s finally realized that they’re attached to her and that she can control them! She also has her first nickname courtesy of cousin Jenny, who’s taken to calling her “Livi.”

Tyler and I are so blessed with this little baby. She is such a little sweetheart. She’s so calm and sweet. She only cries when she’s wet or hungry and even then it’s usually just the start of a little cry before we can change her or feed her. She’s doing so well with breastfeeding and sleeping. She’s usually only up about once a night now at about 4am for a feeding and is back to sleep within 45 minutes. She then sleeps until 7 or so, nurses for 45 minutes, and then goes back down until 9:30 or 10.

Here are some pictures from our one month photo session!

Olivia’s beautiful eyes!


One of Olivia’s little smirks!


All stretched out!


Olivia and Mommy!





Motherhood has been one of the best and hardest experiences of my entire life.

I love my little girl more than I ever thought it was possible to love another human being. Sometimes I find myself just holding her and crying because I can’t believe how beautiful she is and that Tyler and I created this beautiful little person. She is the most delicate, beautiful, adorable little thing I’ve ever seen.

I was completely unprepared for the way I would feel about my little girl. I knew from the very moment that I found out I was pregnant that I would love her completely, but I didn’t know how all encompassing my love for her would be. I would give anything for her. I would die for her just so she wouldn’t feel one ounce of sadness. Sometimes I just sit there watching her sleep. Other times I wake up in the night and think she’s being too quiet and I have to get up to make sure she’s still okay (even though she sleeps five feet from our bed). It’s crazy that this tiny little person has me completely wrapped around her little finger.

I think I was also completely unprepared for how exhausting being a mother is. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t really like asking for help with her either. My Mom keeps telling me that I should leave Olivia with her for the afternoon and just take some time to myself. I completely get that, but I’m just not interested. I just want to be with my little girl. I want to take her everywhere with me. It’s like I can’t know for sure that she’s completely safe unless she’s with me or Tyler. I even got nervous when my sister was holding her and took her down a different aisle in Walmart the other day (Crazy, I know!).

Luckily for me, Olivia has settled into a nice little routine. She nurses at about 9pm every night and then stays up with me until 11-12 (depending on how long her afternoon nap was). She then sleeps until about 4, is up for about an hour to nurse and be changed, and then goes back to sleep until 8:30-9am. She’s just over three weeks old and yet already has an amazing routine. She very rarely cries (unless she’s hungry, wet, or trying to poop) and she is SO strong! She already holds her head up for long periods of time and she is pure muscle.

I’ve posted some more pictures below of my little miracle. It was a long process getting her here, but I wouldn’t change a single second of it.

Olivia’s Birth Story

This is going to be a long post seeing as Olivia’s birth story occurred over almost a one week period! Want a TLDR? Olivia was born!

Anyone freaked out about child birth or pretty much any man will probably want to skip this post. There will be lots of female body and labour details and many TMI moments.


I went to my regularly scheduled OB appointment. I was 39 weeks, 6 days at this point. I had told my doctor that Olivia wasn’t moving as much that past weekend as she had in the past. He checked me and I was only 1.5cm dilated. He then ordered blood work, an ultrasound (to check the amniotic fluid level and the clarity of the fluid), and a non-stress test due to the lack of movement and my elevated blood pressure. The blood work was clear and the ultrasound confirmed that the fluid levels were good and that the fluid was very clear (definitely a good sign – first time I’ve been praised for drinking enough water!). The ultrasound also confirmed that she was head down, but not yet engaged. It also confirmed that she was a BIG baby. Her head circumference was measuring bigger than usual (not something you want to hear when you’re close to giving birth) and she was already 20 inches long. The non-stress test (which is basically electrodes placed on your stomach that measures baby’s movement along with her heart rate – ideally her heart rate should increase at the same time that she moves) confirmed that she was perfectly fine, but that I just wasn’t feeling her movements as much given her size and that there wasn’t as much room for her to move around in there anymore. After waiting THREE hours for my OB to come see me after all my tests (he was doing a c-section and said it would be one hour), my OB told me that he was going to schedule an induction for Friday if I hadn’t gone into labour by then due to baby’s size and my elevated blood pressure and heart rate. I left the hospital feeling pretty good – I’d have a baby by Friday at the latest! I had to come back Thursday to get a foley catheter to help dilate me further since I’d been the same for my past several appointments.


I was instructed to call the Obstetrics ward around noon on Thursday to get a time. Tyler went to work with the intention of having to leave in the early afternoon, so I drove him to work that morning. I called the hospital right at noon (not that I was eager or anything!) and was told they were swamped and I should come in around 8pm that night. It was nice that Tyler didn’t have to miss any work that day, but it also meant I had to wait 8 hours for what I had read was not a pleasant experience. Trying to keep my mind off of it was almost impossible. Tyler and I went into the hospital at 8pm and I had the foley catheter inserted at about 8:40pm. For anyone interested, you can read about the foley catheter here ( Basically, a small balloon is placed behind the cervical wall and inflated with a saline solution. Then it bears down on the cervix and causes it to dilate similar to how the baby’s head would do it naturally. Then it simply falls out once you’re dilated to 3-4cm. I don’t want to scare anyone, but the foley catheter insertion was the worst part of my entire experience. It was painful and uncomfortable and made everything so much more difficult. Showering and going to the bathroom were very difficult experiences and walking around with a tube taped to your leg was very uncomfortable. For anyone ever getting one of these, some bleeding is normal. They did NOT tell me this and believe me, I was FREAKED when this happened. Apparently they usually cap the end so that this doesn’t really happen as dramatically, but they did not do that to mine and it was horrifying. I had to lie in a hospital bed for over two hours (usually it’s only one that they make you wait, but Olivia’s heart rate was elevated after the insertion and they wouldn’t let us leave until she had calmed down). We finally got to leave the hospital just after 11pm.


I got up at 6:30am and showered since my OB told me that I could get the call from 7am on on Friday. We waited by the phone and got frustrated when other people called us (despite us asking our family to call our cell phones since we were waiting for the call). At 4:30pm, my foley catheter fell out (which felt AMAZING) and we were still waiting for the phone call. We waited all day and didn’t leave the house. We went to bed around 11 thinking that the hospital would call as soon as we fell asleep.


We woke up and got ready again. I let myself sleep in a bit this time though. I called the hospital around 9:30am to see where I was on the list. The nurse said that it had been a busy night the night before and that there were still people ahead of me. She took my cell phone number and told me that she would call my cell when the time came and that I should go out for a bit to relax. She then said I definitely “wouldn’t get a call for at least an hour or two.” Tyler and I went out and did some shopping with my family. Then we got some lunch and came home. Then we had to entertain ourselves. We watched some TV and a movie and then played a board game. At 9:30pm, I called the hospital again to see where I was. I was second on the list and was told to “have a light snack and take a nap for an hour.” At 11:35pm, about 20 minutes after we had fallen asleep, the phone rang and we were told that our room was ready for us. We quickly got ready and added the final items to our “bug out bags” (as Tyler called them).


We left for the hospital at about 12:15am and arrived at about 12:35am. We parked the van and made our way to the Obstetrics ward. We checked in and waited in the waiting room for  a few minutes. Then we were taken to our room. I changed into my gown and they took some blood. They put my IV in (probably the second worst thing about my entire birth experience – I still have some minor pain where they put it in) and started me on oxytocin to induce labour. Tyler and I got comfortable and I finally convinced him to get some sleep. I could not sleep at all though and spent some time just lying there and then some time talking to my nurse (my first nurse was AMAZING). I went to the bathroom at 5am and came out and found the anesthesiologist there to do my epidural since my contractions were starting to hurt. My nurse told me to have my epidural when they were just starting to hurt because it takes almost an hour from the time you decide to have your epidural until it is completely effective. I then sat up on the bed and had my epidural. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it still wasn’t pleasant. They then had me lie on my side for 30 minutes at a time before rolling over to the other side. Once I had my epidural, they tried to put in a regular catheter. When I exclaimed how much it hurt and they did the ice test (where they run a piece of ice from just under your breasts to your knees and ask you where you can feel it), they realized my epidural did not work AT ALL. I could still feel everything. So, despite having two needles shoved in my back, I was still feeling everything. My nurse called the anesthesiologist again, but he was assisting with a c-section and I had to wait about another hour. This is when shift change occurred and I got a new nurse. She was competent, but I would’ve given anything to have my first nurse for the entire experience. When I had my first epidural, I still had my first nurse and she was so amazing. She knew how scared I was and she held me while they did the whole thing. She made me feel so safe. It made it a bit more bearable. The anesthesiologist came back to my room around 8am and did the ice test again with a big bag of ice instead of just a piece. He didn’t seem to believe that my first epidural didn’t work. I felt every single thing that they were doing to me. He finally believed me and I had to have a SECOND epidural. I was so terrified of having one epidural and having to have a second one was quite traumatic for me, but I got through it. This one took effect almost immediately, but it hurt more. I think because my nurse was watching from the back whereas my first nurse was literally holding me in a giant hug. From there, they increased my oxytocin dose to keep me dilating and had me roll over onto my side every hour to ensure the epidural was evenly distributing everything throughout my whole body. Then they  broke my water. Not an entirely pleasant or unpleasant experience. It felt great to finally feel like things were moving along, but it also kind of feels like you’re peeing yourself. I then drifted in and out sleep for a few hours. My mom and sisters came to visit me and brought Tyler in some lunch. The nurse woke me up every hour to check my blood pressure since it was a cause for concern in my pregnancy. They were having trouble getting a steady heartbeat from the baby, so they put an electrode on the top of her head to monitor everything and then continued putting tubes in for me various reasons. I continued to progress until about 12pm and got to 5cm dilated. It was at this point that things got interesting. I stopped dilating. Completely. No changes from noon to about 7pm. We later found out that my nurse had turned down my oxytocin dosage because she thought I was progressing too quickly. At 9am, they had told me that I would likely have the baby around 2-3am the next day. By noon, they were telling me she’d be here by 9pm. The OB on-call continued to check me every hour and found that I was not progressing at all. She first mentioned a c-section at about 3pm, but said it wasn’t even a real possibility at that point because my body would likely keep going. Apparently getting to 5cm is the hardest part and then your body kind of takes over from there. Apparently my body did not want to cooperate. I continued shifting around and willing myself to dilate until about 7:30pm. The doctor checked me again and said that it was a cause for concern that I still wasn’t any further dilated. She then stated that I would likely need to have a c-section because the baby was kind of stuck behind my pubic bone and I had been on oxytocin too long to continue until I gave birth naturally. This is when I started freaking out. Luckily Tyler and my Mom were there and were able to calm me down. I was ADAMANT about not wanting to get a c-section before we got to the hospital, so you can imagine how upset I was when they told me this is exactly what was happening. I was terrified. I think it was even worse that I had to wait 3 and a half hours until my surgery because the baby was perfectly safe and happy in there. Her heart rate was steady and strong and she was moving around. I then had to sit and wait over 3 hours before going in. At just before 11pm, they came in and told me it was my turn. They made me say goodbye to my Mom and Tyler while they prepped me for surgery. Mom went to the waiting room and was told she would see me in about an hour. Tyler put his scrubs on and waited until they called him in. They took me into the operating room and I began to cry. I was so scared at this point. My anesthesiologist and respiratory therapist were amazing though and tried to calm me down. They gave me more medication through my epidural and numbed me from my breasts down. They did the ice test again and then hooked me up to a whole bunch of monitors – one that took my blood pressure EVERY TWO MINUTES, which was annoying, but also gave me something to focus on. I was told they would tell me before they did each step, but they never did. They tied my arms down and gave me some morphine, which made me shake uncontrollably. I felt so cold. After a while, they brought Tyler in and he had to sit in this rickety old kitchen chair beside my head. At that point, I thought they STILL hadn’t started because they never said anything, but apparently they had already made the incision at that point and were “unpacking” things to get to the baby. Tyler then rubbed my head while we waited. At 11:24pm, we heard a little cry and then the doctor held the baby up over the screen that separated my head from the rest of my body. I got to see my little girl for the first time! They then took her to another room and checked her over and cleaned her up. After about 2 minutes, they called Tyler in and he got to hold her. He brought her over to me and sat with her throughout the rest of my surgery. They then started to close me up. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to feel anything, but I definitely started feeling stuff at that point. I could feel them pulling my skin trying to line everything up to stitch me shut. Tyler had to get the anesthesiologist to give me more medication and then I started to feel like I was going to vomit, at which point they gave me MORE medication to make me not vomit because the motion would disrupt the surgery and could mess things up. It was after 12:30 at this point. It seemed to take FOREVER for them to close me up. I remember just lying there thinking that it couldn’t possibly be much longer, but it was. They just kept going and going. We heard them count all of the instruments and tools several times (to make sure nothing was left behind) and every time, I thought they were done and then they STILL kept going. Finally, at about 1:25am, they told Tyler to take Olivia into the hallway while they finished the last step of my surgery and moved me back over to my bed. I distinctly remember them lifting me over and that was when I looked at the operating table I was on (BAD IDEA). They then wheeled me into the recovery room and checked everything over AGAIN. They had me feed Olivia for the first time and continued to check all of my vitals again. After I’d been in recovery for about an hour, the OB who did my surgery came in to see where I was. Apparently he had walked through the waiting room and asked the nurse if she needed anything in a joke-y way. My mom and sister were in the waiting room and my mom apparently said “You can do something for us! Where is my daughter??? She was supposed to be out of surgery two hours ago!!!” (If you know my Mom, you know how much she was FREAKING out at this point). The OB then said he’d check and let them know. He came into recovery and asked if I was up for visitors (I had already asked for my Mom about 10 times at this point). He then said that there were “two very irate women” in the waiting room. Yup, that’s my Mom and my sister, lol. They then came in and got to hold Olivia. There is a picture below of Rachel holding her and the smile says it all! After a little visit, my mom and sister went home and I finally went to the mother-baby unit. They set everything up for us and completed another full check of me and Olivia. They then told us to get some sleep. Tyler got a little bit, but I just stayed awake watching Olivia. She slept most of the night, but woke up to nurse a few times. I couldn’t believe that I had grown this little miracle inside of me. It was still so surreal. I was pretty frozen still, so Tyler had to get up and pass her to me every time she squawked, but we did pretty well. We then stayed on that ward for 3 more days. They continued to check us all the time and checked my incision regularly. The nurses were okay. Some were better than others. Some seemed annoyed with me for some reason. Maybe because they’re used to people only staying for 24 hours or maybe because I was grouchy from being bedridden for 4 days straight.

I cannot thank Tyler enough for everything that he did in the hospital. He was SO AMAZING. He had to change every diaper and get up every time she squawked because I couldn’t leave the bed. He took care of her when I finally got to shower and made all the phone calls and did everything for me. He made sure that I ate and had to be coaxed to leave my side. I am so proud to call him my husband and the father of my child. He is truly the most amazing person I have ever met. He stepped up in a way that I never imagined he would have to, but he did it with a smile on his face every time. Even when he had been up for over 24 hours straight and had to get up every two hours to bring Olivia to me so that she could nurse. Thank you for everything sweetheart. You have given me the best gift I could ever have asked for.

A special thank you to my sisters as well. They took such good care of me and Olivia when Tyler made his brief trip home each day to shower (they wouldn’t let him use my shower or even my bathroom – RIDICULOUS!!!).

Sorry if this post seems ridiculously long, but it was a ridiculously long few days for me. It was a completely different experience from what I expected, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Welcome to the world baby girl. Mommy and Daddy love you more than life itself.

Olivia Sharon Anne Doan

First visitors!

Wide awake!